All My Life

I am Emily Brown, but everyone calls me Brainy. Brainy is correct due to my high intelligence. I have no friends other than Marcel, Harry, and Edward. Edward is the mean, slightly attractive one. Harry is the cheeky one who gets tons of girlfriends. Marcel is the smart one, and he is the youngest.

But what happens if they are all in love with me?


4. New Home! New Friends?

A/N I'm really sorry about the characters, but I'm gonna start writing this chapter.


*Skipping Plane Ride* sorry babes

Hannah, Jonah, my Mother, and I collect our bags. Then we start to look for my mom's cousin Paul. I get scared when I see five people wearing hoodies and sunglasses standing behind him.

"Paul!" my Mom yells as she runs across the airport into her favorite cousins arms. I have never seen my Mom this happy ever.

My sisters and I are soon by my Mother's side.

"If it is okay with the you and the girls they can call me Uncle Paul," Paul says to my Mother.

"It's okay with me," Mom says.

Jonah jumps into his arms screaming Uncle Pauley. Hannah and I soon decide it is okay to think of this man as trustworthy family. As we start exiting the building one of the boys hoods falls down to release a mass of brunette curls. A girl looks at him and screams.

"Oh shit," He mumbles.

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