All My Life

I am Emily Brown, but everyone calls me Brainy. Brainy is correct due to my high intelligence. I have no friends other than Marcel, Harry, and Edward. Edward is the mean, slightly attractive one. Harry is the cheeky one who gets tons of girlfriends. Marcel is the smart one, and he is the youngest.

But what happens if they are all in love with me?


1. Leaving

"You are useless!" my father screams as he runs up to us fists raised and ready to strike once again. I try to raise my bloody and bruised body from the floor, and cry out in pain when I realize my leg is broken.

"I hate all of you, and by the time I come home this shit better be gone!"  My father didn't know that we already had things packed, and a house my mother's cousin was lending us in Cheshire, England. As soon as my mother heard his truck pull out of our driveway she ushered us up the stairs to our rooms to collect our belongings.

"He promised never to do it again." my mother repeated over and over again while she cried. My oldest sister Hannah was driving which left my little sister, Jonah, and I to comfort my mother.

"Don't cry Mommy," Jonah said as she stroked my mother's hair.

"Yeah Mom, Jonah is right. We are gone now there is nothing left to worry about. We are finally safe." I state. By the time I finished speaking we were at the airport and my mother and stopped crying.

"Are you guys ready?" Hannah asked with an excited expression. She never liked my father, but I was always stupid enough to think that he would change.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I mumbled quietly.

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