All My Life

I am Emily Brown, but everyone calls me Brainy. Brainy is correct due to my high intelligence. I have no friends other than Marcel, Harry, and Edward. Edward is the mean, slightly attractive one. Harry is the cheeky one who gets tons of girlfriends. Marcel is the smart one, and he is the youngest.

But what happens if they are all in love with me?


5. Fans

"Oh shit," He mumbles.

The girl who screamed is now running towards him. The boy grabs me and starts running. I scream in pain because my running on my leg hurts like hells. He looks at me in fear so I look down at my leg and he realizes what I mean I guess. So he picked me up bridal style and started running I looked behind us and saw a somewhat jealous expression on Hannah's face. I snicker a little bit because she is carrying all the bags and I'm being carried by a semi-attractive boy who I don't even know the name of. I decide to stop looking at Hannah and look in front of the boy and I. I see a black Range Rover which I guess is our destination. Once we finally get to it he opens the door, and pulls us inside. I don't realize until after the car is completely packed that I am sitting on his lap with his arms securely wrapped around my waist. I start to look at his face, and he clears his throat and smirks. I huff and turn my head so that I'm not looking at him anymore.

I look at who I presume to be his friend and ask, "What is your name?"

He chuckled and said, "Don't you already know my name?"

"Why the fuck do you think I would know your name I have never seen you before!" I state.

His jaw drops and he raises his hand, so I duck behind the mystery boy that I'm sitting on. I wait for what seems like forever for him to hit me, but he never does. I remove my face from mystery boy's shirt and look at the one who I thought was going to hit me. He has a horrified expression on his face, but it soon turns to an expression of sympathy. He looks around to all the boys and nods his head. They all take their hoods down and remove their sunglasses.

The boy looks back at me and says, "The boy you are sitting on is Harry. I am Louis. The blonde boy is Niall. The dark haired one is Zayn, and last but not least we have Liam."

They all start to look at me and say, "Hi we are One Direction."


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