If only he knew

Niall Horans best friend....well i was. I get in contact with louis over twitter, he sends me a vip ticket to one of his concerts so i could see niall after 2 years. No one knows about me visiting but louis. Will i still be niall best friend or would he have replaced me?


2. Chapter Two

Charlies POV

"Nice to meet you" he says and my heart just sinks "yeah nice to meet you too excuse me a minute" i say and walk out the room louis comes after me and grabs my hand and turns me around. "Whats the matter" he says because he sees me crying. "Well he obviously doesn't remember me" i say an go to walk away but louis just grabs my hand again "where are you going" he asks. "Home well not home because i cant go home for two months but back to my hotel". I hand louis an envelope "just give him this please i didn't get chance to give it to him before he left for the x factor" i walk away and look back at louis as he walks back to the room.

Nialls POV

Nice to meet you" i said to the girl and it looked liked the smile had just been slapped of her face. "Yeah nice to meet you too" she said her voice cracking "excuse me fir a minute" she added before walking out louis walked out after her and he was out there for about five minutes beforehe came back in with an envelope. He handed it to me and i opened it to find a picture if me and my bestest friend in the whole world charlie. It suddenly hit me "oh shit no not charlie" i said and louis just looked at me "fuck". There was a nite with it and there was writing on the back of the photo i read the back of the photo first. Niall i know this is your favourite photo of us and i know you wont anyway because you always keep your promices but just incase this is so you wont ever forget me lots if love hugs and kisses charlie xoxoxo was written in her scrawly handwriting which i loved so much. "Why charlie" i said "why did it have to be fucking her now she'll never forgive me" i added and just read the note. Niall i forgot to give you this before you left for the x factor :) you know what I'm like clumsy as hell. I miss you loads and so does everyone else at home including most of the girls that have claimed to have 'met' you. I haven't got any friends now that you're not here its sad really I'm so socially awkward but if i was with you i would be fine. I just stay at home and listen to you and your gorge friends voices all day while playing on the ps3. Haha oh well i'll hopefully see you when you come home at christmas but until then lots and lots of love hugs and kisses charlie xoxoxo which was also written in her scrawly handwriting. "Lou do you know where she went" i asked. "Yeah back to the hotel". I ran out of the room and out of the stadium i jumped into the car the hotel please and step on it". I got to the hotel and got out of the car i ran up the stairs and to number 169 because lou told me that's what room she was in i knocked on the door and she opened with tears streaming down her face. "Oh charlie im so sorry" i said and she just ran into my arms wrapping hers around my neck.

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