If only he knew

Niall Horans best friend....well i was. I get in contact with louis over twitter, he sends me a vip ticket to one of his concerts so i could see niall after 2 years. No one knows about me visiting but louis. Will i still be niall best friend or would he have replaced me?


1. chapter One

Charlie's POV

I have a backstage pass to go and see one direction because I hadn't seen Niall for two years since he left for the x factor. "Are you ready charlie" my mum shouts up to me i shut my suitcase and drag it downstairs. "Mum what if Niall doesn't remember me" i say sadly. "Then he is an idiot that doesn't keep his promises and he's never broke one before". I nod my head and we get into the car and my mum drives me to the airport. I get on the plane to London when i get there its packed and i start getting claustrophobic. I push through all the people and finally get out of the airport i get into a taxi and go to the hotel. I got into my hotel room and unpacked all my stuff. I got out a pair of my favourite jeans and a top with a cat on it. I brush my hair and try to straighten it but it just goes curly again straight away. Louis knows I'm coming because he got me the ticket but Niall and the other boys don't know. I get a taxi to wembley and a man checks my ticket and sends me to a different entrance i get to the entrance take a deep breath and walk in "charlie" louis says in a questioning tone i nod my head and he smiled at me so i smiled back. Louis takes my hand and leads me to a room where all the boys are sitting they all get up and they all hug me at the same time drowning me. They all pull away and then give me a separate hug the last one i hug is louis and he tells me to sit next to him and then Niall sits next to me

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