Crystal Una black

Hi I am Renessmeé black and Jacob blacks child.I am half shape-shifter quarter vampire quarter human.My mom Nessie is half vampire half human and my dad is pure shape-shifter.Bacically I get to 17 and never age again,I don't drink blood I eat food or raw meet.But when I start school again with all of my dad's pack,Sam's pack,and the Cullen's all but esmé and carslie,me mom and finally dad.I gain some new friends and a boyfriend.We still live in the same place.When I skip school because of the sun my new friends and boyfriends become suspicious about me.Will they find out?
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2. ME

Hi I'm Crystal Una Black.My mom is Renesmeé black,my dad is Jacob back.I have unusual eyes,one eye is golden and the other is pitch black.My skin is even more unusual than my eyes.My skin is olive from one angle and white from the other.I have the same feature's as my mom other than what is above.I gain friends easy because I apparently have a charming nature.I speed age but VERY slowly so when you are having your lets say 11 birthday once a year I'll celabrate my 11 and 12 in one year.If that makes sense.I sparkle but it is faint.However I go still need to skip school.I live in a beach house on the edge of La push.The treaty is still in place but it doesn't count for the Cullen's.Leah is going out with someone from Sam's pack.Seth is however still single.I am just 14 so I am in the same class as Seth and Connor when we go to school.When we go to school this will be the class list:
Year 7: 0 people
Year 8:Brady 
Year 9:Crystal,Seth and Connor 
Year 10:Rosalie,Emmett,Jacob,Renesmeé,Alice,Leah,Sam,Quill and embry.
Year 11:Bella and Edward
That is all of the school list.We will be going to a school called Forks high school.Everyone that taught Bella,Edward,Alice,Jasper,Emmett and Rosalie.I call all of my VERY big family by there names other that mom and dad whom I call mom and dad.When we go to high school this will be what we will be,like it would look weird for me to call someone a year older than me mom.the layout is:
Rose and Emmett-sister and her boyfriend
Alice and Jasper-brother and his girlfriend
Bella and Edward-married,my cousins 
Jacob and Renesmeé-un identical twins
Leah-my sister
Connor,Crystal and Seth-triplets
And that is my crazy family.


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