Crystal Una black

Hi I am Renessmeé black and Jacob blacks child.I am half shape-shifter quarter vampire quarter human.My mom Nessie is half vampire half human and my dad is pure shape-shifter.Bacically I get to 17 and never age again,I don't drink blood I eat food or raw meet.But when I start school again with all of my dad's pack,Sam's pack,and the Cullen's all but esmé and carslie,me mom and finally dad.I gain some new friends and a boyfriend.We still live in the same place.When I skip school because of the sun my new friends and boyfriends become suspicious about me.Will they find out?
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School starts today.Me and my family from La push stayed at the Cullen main house and a house next to the stream that was build for visitors.Bella and the clan were looking forward to seeing there old school.Mom was looking forward to seeing the school because she had gone to school in Denali.They had all moved to Denali when charlie(Bella's dad)had died at the age of 94.Mom says that school isn't that scary but I beg to differ.I have been to pre-school but I got very teased because I was "afraid"of the sun so I got home tutored.My tutor was called Megan she is pretty young.The excuse that my family uses when it is sunny we like to go to California beach.I here'd that some schools make you wear school uniforms helpfully we don't.What I. Wearing for school is above.Going to school is going to be a hassle because there are 15 of us we are taking 7cars.So the people who are going in what cars are as follows:
Red mini convertable:Rose,Emmett,Crystal,Seth.
black ferrari 458:Bella,Edward
Lamborghini Gallardo:Connor,Jacob
Honda stream:Brady,Quill,Embry,RenesmeéLeah.
That is how we are going to get to school.I wonder is there will be any room for any other peoples cars because we will be taking up lots of space,emphasise on the word lots.

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