Crystal Una black

Hi I am Renessmeé black and Jacob blacks child.I am half shape-shifter quarter vampire quarter human.My mom Nessie is half vampire half human and my dad is pure shape-shifter.Bacically I get to 17 and never age again,I don't drink blood I eat food or raw meet.But when I start school again with all of my dad's pack,Sam's pack,and the Cullen's all but esmé and carslie,me mom and finally dad.I gain some new friends and a boyfriend.We still live in the same place.When I skip school because of the sun my new friends and boyfriends become suspicious about me.Will they find out?
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"Hi Esmé are the girls here yet"I asked as I got in.

"no stal.But alice promised a make-over and bella is helping..Their eyes are nearly black so be carful with you friends"Esmé warned.

"K thanks Esmé,oh mom is popping over tomorrow to take me and the girls shopping."I told Esmé.Just the Alice and Bella came bounding down the stairs with their faces plastered with grins.Ever since we moved back to forks Bella has been SO into clothes and fashion.I think Alice has finally worn off on her.

"Hi Alice,Bella."I greeted.

"Let's get this sleepover started you room is all ready and I have jasper and Edward on popcorn duty and movie duty."Bella yelled.And I could hear some muffled chuckles from the kitchen.Yes,I have the super sonic hearing,it can get very annoying at times.l legged it,up to my room to see what damage the girls have done this time.

"Arghh"I yelled.My room had gone from sparkling gold to cool bolt blue.

"I'm going to kill you Alice ad you to bella"I screamed and started chasing them around the house.Yeah I also have super sonic speed.Icwas in the back garden when heard the door open and Esmé greet my friends as they gush about the house.

"hi guys"I yell as I get to the hall.

"hi Stal"They yelled and I grabbed their bag-which must I say were heavy even for me-and they followed me to my room as I filled them in on what will happen today and Sunday.   

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