Crystal Una black

Hi I am Renessmeé black and Jacob blacks child.I am half shape-shifter quarter vampire quarter human.My mom Nessie is half vampire half human and my dad is pure shape-shifter.Bacically I get to 17 and never age again,I don't drink blood I eat food or raw meet.But when I start school again with all of my dad's pack,Sam's pack,and the Cullen's all but esmé and carslie,me mom and finally dad.I gain some new friends and a boyfriend.We still live in the same place.When I skip school because of the sun my new friends and boyfriends become suspicious about me.Will they find out?
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I was home alone when I got home to la push so I called mom on my iPhone 5SC  and asked if I could invite flick and ami around but if I went to Esmé's house and invited them over there.
"Ok but call Esmé and tell her that she is your mom for the duration of your friends stay.Also ask them if they want a sleepover if they do I will come over posing as your sister and take you shopping"Mom agreed.I said bye and hung up.I have a room at the Cullen household also,It is sparkling gold in colour with a HUGE walk in wardrobe.So I called Esmé and told her the details.I they called ami(she gave me her number at school)I knew that flick would be with her because from what I have gathered they are inseparable.
"Hello?"Ami questioned.
"Oh,hi ami I was wondering if you and flick would won't to come over and have a sleepover?"I asked ami.
"Yeah course see you in half an hour"Flick questioned.Then I realised that I was on speaker.
"Ok see you in half an hour"I called.After I had hung up I called mom and Esmé together and told them that the girls were coming over.


Sorry about the short chapter but this was a sort of filler for the next chapter.

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