Crystal Una black

Hi I am Renessmeé black and Jacob blacks child.I am half shape-shifter quarter vampire quarter human.My mom Nessie is half vampire half human and my dad is pure shape-shifter.Bacically I get to 17 and never age again,I don't drink blood I eat food or raw meet.But when I start school again with all of my dad's pack,Sam's pack,and the Cullen's all but esmé and carslie,me mom and finally dad.I gain some new friends and a boyfriend.We still live in the same place.When I skip school because of the sun my new friends and boyfriends become suspicious about me.Will they find out?
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First period is maths.Second period is Literacy.Break.Third period is P.E.Fourth is I.C.T and that is the lesson where the fun begins.I was just settling into my new desk when the teacher came and told me to stand up at the front and tell the class a it about myself.
"Hi,I'm Crystal Una Black.My Mom is called Esmé and she owns a little chain of fashion boutique's in California,LA and now here.My dad is called Carlisle and he is the main doctor at the local hospital.I have four brothers,three sisters and five cousins.two of my brothers are triplets with me.I love drama,reading and playing on my iPad air.I hate the sun and people that think that they are better than myself because they get better grades.My motto is Never suspect a persons personality until you know their personality.My favourite book is called young,dead and Gifted.My favourite film is called runaway it stars Kristin Steward and Dakota Fanning.My favourite song is Do it like a dude by Jessie J.My favorite animal is a wolf and my favourite demon is a vampire.Any questions?"I rushed not wanting to wast lesion time.Everyone was stunned that I could say something like that in under 5 minutes.
"Well ok class get out you jotters and copy it down onto you computers."miss Cambridge said.Ushering me to my seat.I grabbed my jotter and copied what I had wrote in literacy down onto the computer.As I was looking for my biro in my purple swirl pencil case it was then I saw him.The beautiful person.The striking boy.I felt some sort of magnetic pull to him, it was then I realised that I was the first girl in over a century to imprint on a boy.He was  exceeding irrevocably gorgeous.  

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