harry and me

On megans 18th birthday she goes to a one direction concert with backstage passes and meets the boys she didn't exspect anything to happen otherthan just meet them untill she finds out harry has feelings for her .


2. my suprise

After i ouickly got dressed and had a shower i went to see my mom in the living room she was holding a brown envelope which was sealed.

Mom:here you go meg.

Meg: what is it.

Mom:open it

I helded it fermely in my hand for a second while wondering what it was i ouickly torn the brown envelope apart and in side there was 2 pieces of paper i pulled them out i was shocked.

Omg 2 one direction tickets for tonight mom thancks "i love you" and there second row from front .mom:yep and you have back stage passes .Really are you coming to the concert with me mom.

Mom: No your going with your best friend millie .

Meg:Omg!!!!! Thancks mom

I carnt wait to see one direvtion tonight and finally meet them and take pictures with them and i will get to spend time with my best friend millie who lives 2 hours a way i havent seen her in yonks.

It is now 2 oclock and i have an hour to get ready because we have a long drive to pick millie up from her house on the way to the concert wich is 3 hours away btw . I run upstairs into the bathroom to get my make up bag i start doing my makeup i  apply some mascara with glittery eye shadow with some lipstick wich is a rosey pink colour , as soon as my phone goes off i start to panic i only have 5 mins i ouickly brush my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun and grab my red vans and head to my red car parked in the drive way .

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