harry and me

On megans 18th birthday she goes to a one direction concert with backstage passes and meets the boys she didn't exspect anything to happen otherthan just meet them untill she finds out harry has feelings for her .


6. meetining the rest of the gand.

I woke up to the sun shining i was still at harrys house harry was still asleep he was so adorable and sexy he blink a few times and opened his eyes my heart throbbed to the sound of harrys morning voice "morning beatiful" "hey" i said i whisperd to harry can you hear that hear what he said shhh listen now can u hear it i said yes shhh lets go see he said with a croaky voice we ouietly Walked down stairs and there was niall liam zayn and louis sat in his living room laughing at us loui spoke we were here last night we heared everything i blushed and walked to the kitchen to get a drink because i didnt fell very well harry walked in and gave me a hug he said in a worried voice whats wrong babe he asked i ouickly push him away and ran to the downstairs bathroom harry followdd i threw up in his toilet several times harry kept on asking if i was ok so did the boys ,

Harry and the boys: are you shore your ok.

Meg : yeh it was proberly something i ate .

Niall: i dont know you threw up alot.

Harry;yeh you did its proberly food poisining .

Louis:dont say that harry its called shes got a bug stupid.

Meg: yeh hes right proberly a bug now im starving anyone hungrg

Niall: i am

Louis: your always hungry niall im hungry too so is harry liam zayn and niall.

Meg:ill order some pizzas


Shortly after the pizza arived i  threw up again this time it was worse everyone kept getting worried but i knew i was fine so i just ate my pizza and watch a film but harry decided to call the doctor now i have an appointment taommorow i hate the doctors but i can prove to then its just a bug.

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