harry and me

On megans 18th birthday she goes to a one direction concert with backstage passes and meets the boys she didn't exspect anything to happen otherthan just meet them untill she finds out harry has feelings for her .


5. meeting up with harryxx

I took my time to open the door i opened the door and saw harry and he looked amazing he wore black skinny jeans white converses and a lovely black top with it saying wont stop till we surrender.


When meg answerd the door she looked really hot i just wanted to yank of her dress and shag her there and then but i controlled my self for the first time even though i was getting hard i just had to go with it and take her out for dinner .


Me and harry arrived at a posh restarant i have always wanted to go here but we were to poor to even go out for dinner nevermind a 5 star restaurant. Harry open the door for me being the gentle men he is he had booked us a table for two he winked at me an said sit down gorgous and he orderd me my favourite toad in the hole he had the same after he finished he didnt stop complementing me and saying he loves me all the time it was now about 6 oclock after he had took me shopping and bought me a blue beany he dropped me of at his house and he said do you want to stop the night and i ovously coud, nt say no so he gave me a piggy back to his living room and it was huge there was a oak table in the middle and 3 black sofas a round it with a big flat screen tv his living room was as big as my house i was daydreaming. I heard harry say do u want a shower so i went up to his0 shower and slipped of my clothes and popped in the water was hot and it was relaxing running down my soapy back suddenly  heard the door slam shut i looked ourside the door and knowone was there i got back in straight away i felt someone grab my waist i turned around and harry was stood their smirking i ouickly coverd my body with my hands and he hept pulling them away and he was exzamining my body he picked we up into his waist and sat me on the corner of the bath he went out of the room and shortly aafter he came back with a condom on the next thing i knox im moaning as were having sex he slowly pushed his dick inside me and pushing back in forth intill i let out a lould moan he was smirkkng then i returne 0him a favour i gave him love bites down his neck then he started moaning i dryed muself of and hot into harrys bed and he joined me.

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