harry and me

On megans 18th birthday she goes to a one direction concert with backstage passes and meets the boys she didn't exspect anything to happen otherthan just meet them untill she finds out harry has feelings for her .


7. doctors

I woke up at my house it was about 10 oclock and my appointment was at 11 so i only had an hour i put on some clothes a paulsboutigue jumper skinny jeans and my white converse i put my hair in a messy bun even though i felt like shit i still made the effort to look nice.

The door knocked and it was harry he was giving me a lift to the doctors i got in his rrange rover in the passenge seat and drove of harry kept say ing i look really pale i tryed tl tell him its nothing it didnt listen i felt sick then i unwidend the window and threw up all over the parking lot .


We are now in the waiting room its really packed and boileing meg has been throwinc up for the last half a hour the doctor called us in and we exsplained everything he said he would run some test he also said that meg has to stay at  home intill she gets the results because ive got some time of i offerd to look after her at my house till we knew what was wrong.

The doctor said i could be really ill but i didnt believe him like usual as soon as we got to harrys house the 4 boys gave me a hug and ran me a bubble bath in the jecussie i layed there for like anhour.

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