harry and me

On megans 18th birthday she goes to a one direction concert with backstage passes and meets the boys she didn't exspect anything to happen otherthan just meet them untill she finds out harry has feelings for her .


4. best day

It is now 8 oclock and i wake up still in my clothes i carnt remeber anything after meeting the boys i stood up and i could hear a russiling sound in my back pocket i pulled out a small piece ofpaper i opend it up it said 

Hey meg please text me your number here

Is my number 07552698026 harry xxxx

Omg i screamed the house down lookily i didnt wake my mom up shes at work again and theres me complety freaking out and fangirling i ouickly went downstairs and grabbed my new iphone and added harrys number to my fine and i texed him.

Meg: hey harry thanxs for the number ;p xx

Harry : whos this 

meg:its meg from the concert we met last night x

Harry:hey meg and no worries :)xxx

Meg:i carnt believe im talkinv to you your harry styles omg sorry im fangirling and sorry i have to go do my chores :)xxx

Harry:hahahahah ok and i get that alot how old r u xx

Meg:i just turned 18 yesterday xxxx

Harry : yes one year younger than me anyway i will let u do your chores.xxxx


It had bean a week  go since me and harry had talked because he was so busy with touring and stuff .and i still carnt believe he gave me his number even though i have been waiting for him to text for ages it seems i have known him my whloe life hahahah.


Harry :hey meg so sorry i havent texed been so busy and where about do you live hunxx

Meg:its ok and im i live in london xx

Harry :OMG so do i when im not on tour the tour has just finished so im in london wanna meet up xx

Meg : really of course :@ x

Harry:yeh whats your addressxxxxx

Meg:17 st haint road preshore london xxxx

Harry :thancks ill be there in 5 mins or so xx

Omg i ran up stairs and got changed into a pink dress and straightend my hair lookily the house was spotless as soon as i was done the door knocked.


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