R.I.P || Zarry Stylik AU

❝R.I.P to the boy you used to see.
His days are over, baby he’s over ❞

» Inspired by “R.I.P by Rita Ora and “True Love” by Pink & Lilly Allen.

[Warning: This book contains boy x boy love. If you are not comfortable with the plot please don’t read. It’s up to you. There will also be mentions of cheating, sex, violence. Thank you. ]


2. » Prologue

Enjoy!! :)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Prologue

❝R.I.P to the boy you used to see.

His days are over, baby he’s over ❞

Zayn stared outside the window looking at the scenery outside. It was a cold January morning, in a few days it’s Zayn’s birthday. He will soon be eighteen, an adult. At the moment his life was complete. He was happy.

“Zayn, I am so sorry for keeping you late sweetheart!”, he turned his gaze away from the window to the door, through which a lady with short brown hair and sparkling blue eyes had entered.

“It’s okay Rosie. So, you have the letter”, Zayn asked the forty year old woman excitedly as his warm brown eyes sparkled behind the thick framed glasses.

“Yup, I can guarantee you baby they chose you”, she gushed excitedly as she sat on the teachers chair as he sat in front of her. “Here we go”, she said ready to open the letter and gesturing Zayn to cross his fingers. Zayn couldn't help but chuckle as he crossed his fingers in both hands and held them high for her to see.

Ms. Rose is a single lady of forty years. She is the career counselor in Bradford High. She was a good friend of Zayn’s mother, she always used to visit their house when his parents were alive. After the accident she sort of became his best friend and second mother because no one will ever be able to replace Tricia. But Rose was happy with the situation, she was never married. She, just like Zayn believed in true love; that there is one person out there who is her perfect partner. So, that’s why at the age of forty she is still single. “It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are. If you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you have to wait for the right person”, her words were still clear in his head like yesterday.

“Oh My God! Come here baby!”, she gasped out as she pulled Zayn into warm tight hug. He loved the fell of her arms, she gave a sense of love, a bond close to a mother and a son.

“So?”, he asked as he pulled away from her. He could see tears forming in her warm blue eyes. He could feel the smile on his face getting diminished slowly. He knew he wouldn't get in, there were thousands of other students out there far better than him, so why would he?

“You are in”, Ms. Rose replied back grinning at him waving the piece of paper in front of his face.

“W- What? I’m in? Then why are you sad?”, Zayn asked as he stared at the paper in disbelief.

“Oh sweetheart I’m not sad. Those are tears of happiness”, she replied cheekily as she wiped away the salty tears.

“I’m so happy right now!”, Zayn replied as Ms. Rose pulled him into another hug congratulating him.



Zayn walked down the streets towards his boyfriend house. Harry Edward Styles, his boyfriend of 1 and ½ years, his other half.

Zayn stared down at the envelope in his hands. He felt proud of himself. He was happy knowing that he had made his parents were proud of him. He had made the wish he made on his parents funeral come true.

Inside the envelope was his scholarship to study Bachelors Programme in Business Management in University of Newcastle. It was his dream.

He was born to a middle class family in Bradford. Till today he hadn’t gone outside the small town that was his home. His parents along with his three sisters all died in a road accident. He was only twelve years old then. His parents were coming to his school concert which was held in the big open ground they had in school. He was waiting by the school gate waiting for them excitedly to show off his new sparkling outfit. Zayn had seen the small bus wave its way through the crooked road towards the school gates, he could see his sisters smiling faces through the winds screen. He was ready to wave his hands in the air when the bus suddenly crashed into the light pole which was a few feet away from where he was standing. He was paralyzed, rooted to his spot. The other parents and teachers around ran towards the fallen bus which was half crushed under the heavy light pole.

He ran towards the bus when his twelve year old mind registered what had happened. Tears poured down his brown eyes as he struggled through the small crowed to reach the bus doors. The doors were already opened and the people were bringing out many injured people and some unmoving ones too. Zayn’s scared eyes fell on four unmoving bodies placed together, it was his mother and sisters. “No no!!”, his small mind couldn’t grab hold of the situation. Then he heard the sound of police cars and ambulance. May be the doctors could wake them up because they weren’t dead they were just sleeping. Then his ears reached his father’s weak shout of his name. his eyes soon found his father lying on a stretcher bleeding. He was bleeding everywhere. Blood, lots of it. “Dad?”, he asked quietly as he held onto his father’s rough warm hands. He felt blood in his hands too but he didn’t want to run away. He hated blood but this was his fathers and he wasn't going to run away like some spoilt kid because he wasn't spoilt.

“Son, listen to me”, his father gasped out though small breaths. Zayn nodded his head knowing never to oppose his father, even at the moment. “Zayn, I am so proud of you. Your mother and I have never been so proud of anyone until now. But today I am happy to call you my son”, his father said as the doctors tried to take him towards the ambulance but his father just shook his head.

“I want you to be who you want to be. Be true to your heart. Just know son who ever you become in life, I’ll be proud of you. It’s my time to see angels son and I’ll tell everyone how much I’m proud of you”, those were his father’s last words as he closed his forever.

After that Zayn had lived with his grand ma until she passed away last year. Since, then he moved back to his parent’s house which had been locked away. He lived alone and sometimes Rose had visited him to help him out. Since, his parents death Rose had all ways been there for him. He was really thankful to her.

“Dad! Did I do alright? Are you still proud of me?”, Zayn asked as he looked up at the sky through unshed tears. Zayn smiled as he wiped away the tears and placed back his glasses. Those glasses were given to him by his father on his twelfth birthday and he never wanted to get rid of them so when ever he needed a new pair he would go to the repair shop and asked for an upgrade. Harry has insisted that he should get lenses and Harry had enpugh money to buy him a pair but Zayn didn’t want that. He loved his glasses, it was a part of his life where he still had his parents.


Now, he was only a block away from Harry’s small apartment. Zayn could have asked Harry come and pick him up, since he had a car but he didn’t want to trouble Harry who had classes this morning. He wanted to surprise his boyfriend with the news. Zayn suddenly stopped, he forgot. He was supposed to call his best friend, Louis and tell him the news. The boy who had been his best friend since age of seven. Louis had made him promise he would call as soon as he got any letter from the university. He pulled out his phone from his jeans pocket and dialed the number he had memorized since he was fifteen.

“Hey!! Wait a second….. Gotcha! You have reached Louis Tommo Tomlinson. At the moment he is doing something far more better than talking to you so leave a message because he might see it when he is bored”, Louis cheerful voice reached his ears. This guy! May be he was busy with some family thing because he did say his parents were home for a few days.

“Guess what? I got the scholarship! :)”, Zayn typed out the message and sent it. Louis had always said how he should learn to use short cuts rather than typing out the whole word, but to Zayn he never really got the hang of it.




Reaching Harry’s apartment he found out that he had forgotten his key. He was about to ring the bell when he found out that the door was already open. He need to tell his careless boyfrined to lock the door even if he was home. He took out his jacket and hung it neatly on the coat rack by the door. He was ready to shout Harry’s name when a thought stuck him ‘maybe he is sleeping’.


He quietly tip toed up the stairs towards the master bedroom which happens to be Harry’s room or may be even theirs because for the past year Zayn had spent most of his nights on that bed.


On reaching the room, he found the door open wide. It was weird because Harry always closed his room door even if it is not locked. That’s when Zayn heard the sounds. Sounds he recognized because he too made those sounds when he was in bed. He blushed a deep red. Why was those sound coming from Harry’s room? Did he lend it to one of his friends to use so where was Harry. He had seen Harry’s car in the parking lot. He pulled out his phone and dialed the second number that he knew by heart. He tried twice but it went straight to voice mail. This made him frown. May be he could ask Harry’s friend where he went even if it meant confronting a couple of horny teens. He blushed even more as he made his way into the room.

He cleared his throat and greeted them. “Hey—Harry?”, Zayn stood there in shock as he saw his boyfriend on his bed on top of someone else.

“Zayn, look— ,” anything else that Harry was going to tell was unsaid as he was cut off by Zayn’s gasp. The person that was under Harry who he had been making out was none other than his best friend, Louis Tomlinson. The boy who had been his best friend since the age of seven.

“W-Why?”, was all Zayn could get out of his lips as he stumbled backwards leaning against the wall. He could feel tears forming in his eyes ready to fall. It made sense how both of their phones went to voice mail when he called, they were here in Harry’s bedroom when Zayn was with Ms. Rose.

Harry and Louis both looked down feeling guilty. Zayn felt broken, angry, sad, cheated and so many more emotions. He just wanted to hide somewhere so nobody could hurt him.

He looked up at Harry who had opened his mouth to speak. He walked towards Zayn as if he was approaching an injured animal.


“No, Save it!”, Zayn whispered back standing and walking backwards till he was almost out of the door. He had never felt this angry before, he was always calm and quiet. Zayn looked back at his best friend and boyfriend. No ex-best friend and ex- boyfriend. He had to get away. Away from Harry. Away from Louis. Away from everyone else. Away from his life.

So, he ran. He ran out of the bedroom, out the front door.

He ran without looking back. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ So, what do you think? Was it okay?



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