R.I.P || Zarry Stylik AU

❝R.I.P to the boy you used to see.
His days are over, baby he’s over ❞

» Inspired by “R.I.P by Rita Ora and “True Love” by Pink & Lilly Allen.

[Warning: This book contains boy x boy love. If you are not comfortable with the plot please don’t read. It’s up to you. There will also be mentions of cheating, sex, violence. Thank you. ]


3. » Chapter 1

Here is the chapter 1:)



Chapter 1

 ❝No option for, you saying no

I run this game, just play a role❞


“Mr. Malik your meeting will start in five more minutes”, the voice through the speakers filled the room.

“I’ll be there soon, Ms. Edwards”, Zayn replied politely picking up the receiver.

“So, where were we?”, the chocolate eyed twenty two year old whispered seductively to the blond haired girl who had her legs wrapped around his torso. He started tailing kisses down her neck sometimes pausing to bite the skin making her moan in pleasure.

Her well-manicured fingers curled around his dark hair while her other hand ran down his chest admiring the well-defined muscles.

The shrill ringing of the telephone interrupted the pair for the second time. Zayn gave a curse as the girl chuckled biting down his neck.

Zayn’s hands searched for the phone until he found the receiver and picked it up making an end to the annoying sound.

‘Mr. Malik the guests are here”, his ears reached his assistant’s urgent voice.

“Thank you, Ms. Edwards I’ll be there in a second”, he replied back as he slowly pulled back from the girl earning a moan of protest from her.

“How about we continue this later since it seems that my job is calling me”, he whispered with a small smirk as he pushed a lock of her blond hair behind her ear.

That would be marvelous, Mr. Malik”, she replied back seductively as she leaned in front and placed a kiss on his cheek and walking getting down from the office desk.

She walked towards the door grabbing her coat and hand bag from the sofa where it had been thrown carelessly. She turned around and gave him a small wave before opening the door and walking out towards the bathroom to wash her face and re-apply her smudged lipstick.

Zayn sighed as he re-buttoned up his shirt buttons thankful for the absent of any wrinkles. He pulled on his suit jacket from his office chair and grabbed his phone from the desk before walking outside to meet his assistant.

“Zayn you are going to be late!”, he heard her frantic voice before he even saw her. She was struggling around with a bunch of files while running towards him holding out a tie to match his shirt.

“Thanks Perrie! I don’t know where I’ll be without you”, he replied as he put the tie around his neck tightening it. Perrie Edwards, his beloved assistant and his best friend. Today she was dressed in a black dress and a cream colour jacket and shoes to match, this week her hair colour was a light purple.

“Well, you’ll be nowhere”, she replied smirking before giving a gasp. “Were you really going to walk into the meeting like this?”, she quickly placed the files back on the desk before grabbing a few tissues from the box on the desk and waving it at Zayn.

“At least, wipe that lipstick off your face. It’s not really your style”, she remarked darkly at his questioning look. Zayn couldn’t help but laugh back at her sarcasm as he wiped away the lipstick mark left by Alina? Elena? Arina? A-

“Her name is Adriana”, Perrie told Zayn as she gave him the files he need for the meeting. “Now, get going”, she waved him off as she grabbed another bunch of files and followed him towards the meeting hall.


Harry Styles stared at the mirror looking at his reflection struggling with his tie knot. He was dressed in a suit accompanied by a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie to go with. But, unfortunately the twenty three year old lad was having some trouble with the tie.

“Styles, don’t tell me you don’t know how to knot a tie”, a high pitched voice teased him from the door to his room. Harry whipped around to see his friend or his flat mate, Louis Tomlinson standing there leaning against the door with a smirk on his face.  

“Uh- He used to tie this for me”, Harry replied back looking at the tie in his hands as if he was away on another place.

It had been four years since Zayn had left that bedroom without even waiting for an explanation. Harry had later realized that he had just let go of the best thing that had ever happened to him. He along with Louis had searched all around any place they could think of where Zayn would go, but it was like he had just vanished off the face of Earth. Louis had become one of his closest friends trying to find Zayn but they had both failed miserably. Till today, they hadn’t found any trace of Zayn.

“We’ll, find him Harry”, Louis said slowly as he walked into the room.

“When Louis? It had been four years! It’s like he just doesn’t want to talk to me!”, Harry replied his voice louder as Louis pulled the older lad into a hug.

“In time Harry. When the time is right you will find him”, Louis replied patting Harry’s shoulders in a reassuring manner.

“When did you start talking all wise?”, Harry asked as he pulled away from the hug.

“Since I met Niall”, Louis replied with a huge smirk on his face making Harry roll his eyes.

“You just met the guy a week ago.”

“It is love at first sight”, Louis replied back dramatically making Harry roll his eyes yet again.

“Okay, fine whatever. Just be careful.” Harry replied back his voice serious.

“Yeah, yeah Styles I’ll be careful. Now, let me help with that tie because you’ll be late for the interview”, Louis said as he took the tie from the curly haired lad.

“There good to go”, Louis smiled brightly walking backwards admiring his work.

“Thanks for everything”, Harry thanked him sincerely as he smoothed out a small wrinkle in the shirt. Louis had completed his degree in fashion designing six months ago, and he had his small studio where he did designs for many companies and rich people. So, when Harry had informed of the interview Louis had agreed to lend him a suit for the day.

“That’s what friends are for”, Louis replied beaming at the curly haired lad.

“Oh shit! I only have half an hour!”, Harry cursed loudly as his eyes landed on the small alarm clock next to his bed.

“Well, good luck mate. Hope you get the job”, Louis wished his friend luck as Harry grabbed the files he needed along with his phone and car keys.

“Thanks, Lou”, Harry replied as he ran out of the room almost slipping down the polished stairs.

“Hey, don’t forget you are meeting Niall for lunch!”, Louis shouted from downstairs just as Harry reached the front door.

“I won’t”, was his last reply as he ran down the apartment stairs since the elevator seems to be taking forever to come.


“Zayn, I thought I’ll have to go and get you”, a familiar Irish voice reached his ears as Zayn along with Perrie made it to the meeting place.

“Where is Liam?”, Zayn inquired looking for his adoptive brother as he looked around the empty hallway.

“Well, he couldn’t be here because they are interviewing the branch manager for the new branch. That’s why we need you to start the meeting”, Niall informed him as they walked into the meeting room.


Harry parked his car carefully in the only empty parking lot available. He quickly got out careful not to drop any of the important papers in his hands. He was lucky there wasn’t much traffic this morning, so he had made it here with fifteen minutes to spare.

Harry gave a sigh as he looked up at the building in front of him which stood proudly reaching the sky. On the top was the name of the company in big bold letters.


It was one of the leading medicine producers in England and they had just opened their newest branch in London and they are recruiting branch managers. Harry had decided to give it a try since he had a degree in management and he had two years of experience in his hands. Harry adjusted his jacket cuffs as he made his way into the air conditioned lobby.

He knew a bit about the company. He did do his research before applying for the position. Geoff  Payne had retired last year giving his company to his son Liam Payne while he did made some decisions from home. There had been rumors that the Payne family had another son who was adopted but Harry was not really interested in their private life so he left that stalking to other people.

“Good Morning. Welcome to Payne Private Limited, how may I help you?”, the brown haired girl who was dressed in a smart looking black and white uniform greeted Harry.

“Good Morning, I’m here for the interview of the Branch Manager for the London Branch”, Harry answered smiling a sheepish smile back.

“Okay, please fill up your details here”, she told him as she placed a note book in front of him.

Harry nodded his head as he started filling up the details up with the pen given to him. it was all the basic information like his full name, address, contact number etc.

“Here you go, you have to turn right from here and use the elevator to the third floor and give this slip to the receptionist there”, she explained as she pointed out the elevator before handing him the slip of paper.

“Thanks, Ms. Calder”, Harry thanked the girl reading out her name from the name tag.

“Call me, Eleanor. We might see each other again. Good luck!”, she wished him as he made his way towards the elevator.


“Mr. Payne, here are the list of applicants”, Marcel placed a sheet of paper in front of the twenty five year old man.

“Thank you. And please call me Liam, Mr. Payne is my dad”, Liam told the blushing lad in front of him. Marcel was in their marketing team, he was same age as Liam’s adopted brother, Zayn.

“Mr. Payne the interview will start in another five minutes”, the brown haired receptionist of the third floor in formed them giving a small bow.

“Thank you, Miley”, Liam thanked the woman as the door opened and two other men walked inside.

“Good Morning, Mr. Payne”, the first man said as he held out his right hand for Liam to shake. He had blonde hair and mustache which was white with age. The most eye catching thing was his eyes, they were blue colour filled with years of knowledge.

“Good Morning to you too, Mr. Harvey”, Liam shook the hand with a bright smile on his face. He admired the man in front of him who is a great friend of his father. Harvey had helped his father in bringing this company where it was today. And it was best to have him in the interviewing committee due to his years of experience.

“Hello Son, it’s good to see you”, the other man greeted while he shook Liam’s outstretched hand and giving him a pat on the back. He had dark brown hair which was bold in the center. He had blue eyes that were covered by a pair of glasses.

“Hello to you too, Jonny”, Liam replied giving a small bow. Johnny had been a friend of their family for a long time. He had first met Johnny when he was still a small boy and since then they were became good friends. He looked up to him as a great father figure only second to his father.

Soon, the occupants were in their respective places. Liam in the middle chair while Harvey and Jonny took the left and right chairs. There was one empty seat to Harvey’s left which was supposed to be occupied by Zayn, but unfortunately he is needed to take Liam’s place in a board meeting. In front of their table was a chair for the applicant. Marcel took his place behind the three interviewers standing straight placing his hands behind his back.

Liam started reading down the list names while waiting for the first job applicant to come. The list had seven names.

1.     Mathew Shandon

2.     Jasmine Lee

3.     Michael Trevino

4.     Harry Edward Styles

The fourth name gave Liam a shock. He re-read the name to make sure that he had seen it right. He has.

“You okay, Liam? You look a little pale son”, Harvey asked Liam as he took in the paler skin of the young man.

“It’s nothing. Just it is my first time interviewing someone. So, yeah just a bit nervous”, Liam said which was partly the truth.

“It’ll be fine. You’ll get used to this”,Jonny reassured him from Liam’s right side. Liam nodded his head as he looked back at the paper.

Harry Edward Styles, the same guy who cheated on his brother. The same guy who left Zayn crying in the rain alone in an abundant park with nothing but his phone and university letter.


Harry was nervous. There were five other guys and two girls in the room and his number is fourth. He was greeted by a brown haired girl with an American accent who had introduced herself as Miley, who had told him to take a seat in the rows of chairs placed in the room.

He took his seat next to a guy with brown hair and blue eyes who had introduced himself as Michael Trevino. He told that he had come to London two years ago from America to complete his degree and found this job position and decided to apply since the pay check was good.

Harry continued the conversation with Michael talking about random things until it was Michael’s turn to go. Harry wished him luck as the other man made his way to the interview room.

Soon, it was Harry’s turn. He stood up wiping his hands nervously in his pants.

“Good Luck!”, Miley gave him a warm smile as she opened the door for him.

“Thanks”, he thanked her as he made his way into the room, the nerves in his stomach making bundles.

“Welcome Mr. Styles. Please take a seat. I’m Harvey. This is Liam Payne and that is Jonny”, the man to his right said as he introduced everyone at the table.

Harry gave a bright smile showing his dimples as he sat in front of the interview committee.

Of course he knew them all. He had seen them in the company website. Liam Payne was the son of Geoff Payne and the other two were both major shareholders of the company.

 If only he had scrolled down the page and tapped on the next page, he would have found the man he had been searching for the past four years. The man with chocolate brown eyes and dark black hair with a bright smile. Zayn Javadd Malik-Payne; the adopted son of Geoff and Karen Payne, the person who was supposed to sit on the empty seat next to Harvey. 


How was it? :)



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