Through Love, be Seen

It was said that love let you see the light and unseen. And it was right.

After my death there wasn't much going on. In fact, a year later, my lover forgot all about me and my death and moved on. But the fact was, I'm still here. Waiting for him to remember, begging.

I stand right by his side, right to this very day, hoping to let him see me. Until my true lover finds me.


2. The subway station

There were many perks of being a ghost. I mean, I would have alot more if I could move things. But for example, I can commit a crime or catch a bus for free.

I've met a lot of people like me on the streets, cause the thing is, they're everywhere. They travel like normal people. I have three other best friends but since they have nowhere to live, they live on a train. See, these friends aren't the typical, ghosts that could be seen on the street. Somehow they taught themselves to move objects, and we hit it off when I met them at an abandoned train station. They were playing soccer with a plastic bag.

I was allowed to meet them anytime I wanted, as ghosts don't sleep. They told me a specific way to find them, since they knew how to move things and if ghosts all over the city knew, they would be after them, begging to know the secret. So doing this, I had to stay hidden from others.

There was a way to tell if a person is a ghost or a human. A ghost's body is the same as a human's but there is a little sparkle above your head. Not like fairy dust or something magical. It was like a sparkler was hovering above your head, but without the stick. If you manage to destroy or put out the sparkle, your would vanish forever, basically you've ran out of lives.

I stepped out the door, along with the rest of the boys as they waved their goodbye's to Zayn. Following them into the lift, I wondered when it would be a good idea to talk to Harry but what I didn't understand was how. How could he hear me? We stepped out, walking out of the lobby and into the road outside. When I don't bother to walk to places, I catch a car or bus for free. But for the thrill, I got up on the boot. 

I watched everything past by as a blur, occasionally sparks. I saw my stop up ahead. I jumped off before the car could accelerate again. 

The subway was dark and murky. Which would be expected as it was abandoned. I waited for a few minutes for the train to come, and when it did, there wouldn't be anyone on this train.

- - - - -

"Azalea! 'ts been a while!" I grinned and waved at them. There was Serava, the 'cheery', party freak, her sparkle always the brightest. Jacqi (pronounced: Jacky), the extremely formal-mannered saint. Hilary, fussy yet funny vegan. Hamish, gorgeous, lovable, seductive douchebag and Adorabella, was 43rd in line for the throne here in Britain but now does not have a chance. Obviously.

"What you guys up to?"

"Discussing interesting topics that include Serava's best drunk moments, what Adorbs would've done to change the world if she had the throne and old ghost legends" Jacqi remarked while counting on his fingers.

"Wanna hear one?" Serava asked as I sat down next to Hilary. I nodded.

"About 10 years ago, there was a girl named Lucy, she was half-ish royalty, like Adorbs" Hamish gestured to Adorabella. "-and she fell in love with a boy, commoners I guess but that sounds so oldish and creepy, but anyway, back to the point, she died from suicide, no one knows why, and the boy was left sad and scared. He loved her very much and he was so sad that that he never got the chance to tell her that." The statement recieved a few 'aww's from the rest of the girls but Hamish continued the story. "The boy visited her memorial everyday, hoping just to ear her voice one last time. He never stopped loving her." I smiled at that. "One day her ghost was lingering around. She started talking to him, of course he didnt hear, until one day she said to him, 'I love you to infinity and back.' and he heard. Her sparkle disappeared but so did her ghost, but she rose again as a human. Love brought her back."

It's amazing what love can do. "So is it possible? Can love bring ghosts back?" I asked eagerly.

"I dont know, it's a legend." Hamish replied. I sighed in defeat. I'm not giving upon Zayn now


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