Through Love, be Seen

It was said that love let you see the light and unseen. And it was right.

After my death there wasn't much going on. In fact, a year later, my lover forgot all about me and my death and moved on. But the fact was, I'm still here. Waiting for him to remember, begging.

I stand right by his side, right to this very day, hoping to let him see me. Until my true lover finds me.


1. The Beginning

I didn't know how to move things. It would be a miracle to be able to. But I can do the usual things like, sit on a chair, touch a book and walk on a floor. My body wouldn't float right through the object, it would just touch it without having an effect on it. Wasn't much of a life.

From the painless death of a crash (it all came at me at once so I died before I could feel anything) came many witnesses, some that i've been able to track down through police boards and I visited them to see what life was life after watching me die. Some were horrified and feared to leave their house, while others decided it was normal as many others would've died that moment. 

But one thing was for sure, my lover watched me die. I loved him and he loved me back. Our relationship was secret from his career and the public so it made the relationship more exhilarating. I fully remember everything that happened. 

- - - - -

"C'mon! We have to get to the other side if we don't want to miss the ice-cream truck!" I giggled, pulling along a chuckling, dark haired boy.

"Calm down Azalea! You could trip!"

I slowed down and let out short pants.

"Sorry, I forgot. I just want some ice-cream." I smiled.

​"I know but you gotta calm down, you could knock over the stalls and get into a lot of trouble" He was always so protective and mature, unlike me, I was always so free and careless.

"Well c'mon! I don't wanna miss it!" I grabbed his arm and pulled him across the road. Next things I heard were loud honks and crash. He let go of my hand, shocked.

I was gone and so was his heart. That was the moment I came back, but as… this. A lifeless walking body. He was on his knees, begging people to call for an ambulance. He gently touched my face and silently begged for me to be alive. But I was alive, in a different way. I was watching from a distance hoping to catch his attention as I screamed at him that I was there.

- - - - -

So here I was in his living room, watching him sit on the sofa, eating takeaway Chinese. The problem was, i've never seen anyone like me since That Day. See, a year after, he got over my death, moved on, and found another girl, who happened to be upstairs. She was pretty , kind and well-mannered. A perfect girlfriend for him, two careful and mature opposites couldn't be described better. Speaking of which, she was walking downstairs right now.

"Hey Zayn."

"Hey babe, the boys are coming over in 30 minutes. Don't forget."

"Oh yeah, boy's night, forgot it was today" She chuckled as she sat down. "What else is going on for the rest of the week?"

"Meet and greet on Saturday but other than that, we have the weekend to ourselves" He winked at her. Next thing I knew was that they were upstairs having very loud 'fun'. 

I didn't want to know.

- - - - -

"Niall, have beer" Harry tossed a beer out of the cooler to Niall. The guys all let out a few 'Cheers' to each other and took massive amounts of sips from their bottle. 

"Hey guys, I just realised something."

"What's up Li?"

"It has been a year since That Day." Everyone quieted down after that. I gasped, I couldn't believe I forgot. Zayn had tears in his eyes as so did Harry and Louis. 

"A year" Zayn choked out. "I can't believe it has been a year since That Day." I frowned.

"I loved her so much and I was lost without her." He wiped away some tears and took another sip of his beer. "But it's all in the past now." He sighed.

"Zayn, I cannot believe you. She was your world and you decide to throw it away after That Day. What's wrong with you? Imagine if she was listening to this. She would be hurt that you didn't care anymore."

"Well she isn't here!" He bursted. "If she was she wouldn't have left me!" 

"Zayn! It wasn't her fault!" Harry said back.

"Whatever." He huffed, finishing his beer. I knew he didn't care about me anymore, I got used to it after he found a new girl. But I went through so much with him. The tears, the hurt, the happiness, it was all gone.

I bit back a sob as a lump in my throat began to form. "Zayn, I love you so much." I managed to choke out these words from behind him. The boys were all depressed and unsure of how to break the tension. Harry had his eyebrows furrowed together as if he were concentrating on something. He looked confused.

"Did you guys, uh, hear that?" He asked quietly. Their heads shot up.

"Um, no, what did you hear?" Niall asked.

"Her. Azalea, I heard her say something." I gasped. "There! I heard her again!" The boys looked at him with sad eyes.

"Harry, she's gone, don't bother. It's the depression and alcohol talking." Liam sighed.

I couldn't believe it. Harry can hear me!

"Harry can you hear me?" His head shot up to look around the room. He just couldn't see me.

"Azalea?" Harry asked out loud. The boys just shook their heads.

"Harry! Listen to me! I'm still here!" He didn't reply this time.

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