Better Than Words

this story is a about two girls who go to a concert and get to meet one direction they go on date and something tradgic happens to chloes mum and dad....
Chloe 19 and bella 19 both go out with some one from one direction but which one will i be????


4. the crash. 29/12

 Chloe and niall have been good friends for a while now they were getting even closer and Bella and harry have started dating each other.

Niall was staying at Chloe’s house today because it was her mum and dad anniversary.

Chloe’s P.O.V.

“Have fun. Remember niall is staying. So if in not down stairs in in bed. Love you” I shouted down the stairs

My mum and dad left to go to the restraint and then niall turned up.

“Hey! Princess what we doing tonight?”

“Well you could invite the lads to come for a movie night and their girlfriends”

“Okay. I will text them now”

His text them and they all could come they were coming in 20 minutes just enough time for me to make pop corn for everyone. (End of Chloe’s pov)

 They all came and we watched toy story 3, Paranormal 4 and we started to watch Impossible. All of a sudden Chloe’s phone started to go off

Chloe: Hello

Doctor: hello is this Chloe in speaking to?

Chloe: yes what’s wrong?

Doctor: your mum and dad have been in a serious accident and you need to get to the hospital straight away!

Chloe: are they okay? What has happened? I’m on my way!

The phone call had ended.

“I have got to go. I need to go to the hospital.” Chloe said stressing out.

“What happened I will drive you?” Niall asks

“My M...m...mum and dad they have been in an accident” Chloe said she started to cry

“They will be fine we will all come” Louis said

Nialls POV

 Chloe got off the phone and started to stress out. I asked her what up and she said her mum and dad have been in an accident and she needs to get to the hospital. She was in no state to drive. So I offered to drive her. We go into the car and Chloe was silent. Then she stated to cry again. I grabbed her hand and told her it will be fine. Your family are fighters. (End of pov)

We got to the hospital and Chloe asked the doctor for the James family. The doctor took us there

 Doctor: in sorry to say this but your dad hasn’t made it and your mum is in a serious condition and is in a coma and cannot breathe by herself. A drunk driver had gone over the car in a lorry.

Chloe broke down and asked to see her mum. She got there and said “mum you cannot leave me please keep fighting”

The others arrived and went to see Chloe then all of a sudden he mums heart stopped beating and all the doctors ran in and told Chloe to get out of the. Chloe started to cry even more.

 Chloe’s pov

 Niall hugged me and I started to cry in his chest

“Come on princess she will fight through it”

The doctor came out and asked if he could speak to me and niall in private

Doctor in sorry to tell you but you mum has passed away.

 Chloe started to cry again and said “niall in sorry you shouldn’t be here you should be a home all happy. I have ruined you day.”

“Princess it is fine I want to be her and look after you. Would you like me to tell the others while you say bye to your mum?”

I walked in and held my mums and took off their wedding rings and put them in my hand and said “I will always love you forever. I hope you’re happy up there. Say hello to nana for me.” I started to cry then Niall said we should go home and you can get some sleep. (End of pov)

 Chloe didn’t talk the whole journey I took her home and carried her bridal style upstairs to her bed and told her to get some sleep. “Niall can you stay here with me”

“Yes princess.” Niall lay down next to Chloe and slowly fell asleep. Chloe went down stair and just sat there looking at the old picture of her and her parent in America.

 Niall’s POV

I woke up at 5:00 in the morning and couldn’t find Chloe anywhere. I went down stairs to find her crying with loads of picture around her I sat next to her and hugged her “princess did you sleep last night?”

“No I couldn’t. My mum and dad died I could sleep with knowing that it could be my fault. I made them go on that trip. It is my entire fault they died why I should be here. I should be the on died not them they didn’t deserve to die.” Chloe said whilst crying.

“Baby it isn’t your fault. Come one. No one is blaming you.”

 2 days later

 Chloe still had not sleep or eaten. Niall had stayed at Chloe’s and he made her breakfast ever morning. I had made her a big breakfast she refused to eat and then he stood up and said” babe you cannot just eat if your mum or dad was here they would make you eat. Now come just eat and then we need to get ready to go to the funeral.”

“Okay I will eat something and then we will get ready” she said

As Chloe started to get ready there was a knock on the door ad it was the others.

“How is she?” Sophia asked.

“I have just got her to eat something.”

She came down stairs and said hello to everyone and then we left Liam was driving everyone.

Chloe went up to her Nan and granddad ad started to talk to them and then shouted niall to come over “Nana this is Niall and he has been looking after me. Niall this is my nana Bess.”

“Hello! Chloe I think we should go in now.”

 We went in and Chloe went up to do her speech. She asked if I could come up with her.

“Ella and tom (mum/dad) will not be forgotten. They were the best people who I could have ever meet. They were too very busy people but always had time for their family. This isn’t a celebration of their death but of a new beginning with granny. They will always be watching over us all. Love you too have fun up there” after she read that the priest said a couple of word and then we went to bury them.

Nialls POV

 I was so proud of her she was amazing up there.  Chloe her nana and granddad and the lads and the girls all came back to our house and we had a little party just to say our good byes.

When everyone left I stayed with Chloe and we started to watch a movie and Chloe kissed me on the cheek and said “thank you for being here with me I love you lots”

 I then kissed Chloe on the lips and it then turned in to a long passionate kiss I really wanted to just go out with her but it was the wrong time to ask her. I got off her lips to breath and then she pulled me back to her lips. I picked her up and wrapped her legs around me and put her on the bed and she started to take of my shirt and I asked her “are you sure?”

She nodded and I reattached my lips to hers. I started to kiss her neck and sucked on it. She let out a couple of moans and then she unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them down and chucked them on the floor. She got to the hem of my boxers and asked for permission I nodded she started to rub. I let out a moan “faster” she went faster she flick on top of me then got off and got a condom out of the draw. I pulled down her trousers and then took of her shirt I flick her back out so I was on top. I worked my way down to her private area and inserted myself in to her. She let out a moan and then I started thrusting inside her when we finished she lay next to me and cuddled.



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