Better Than Words

this story is a about two girls who go to a concert and get to meet one direction they go on date and something tradgic happens to chloes mum and dad....
Chloe 19 and bella 19 both go out with some one from one direction but which one will i be????


9. the attack. 30/4

I woke up and looked at niall he looked so cute when he was asleep. I tried to get out of bed and then someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back into bed “Princess you not going yet I haven’t finished cuddling you yet!”

“Oh okay.” I turned around and kissed him I pulled away but he reattached our lips. I love it how niall just wanted a cuddle. I kissed him for 1minute and he switched sides with me and got out and went don stair I followed him and he looked at me and dragged me down the stairs and chucked me on the sofa and told me to wait there. I wondered what he was doing.  He came back in with a cheese and bacon omelette and a box next to it. I opened it up and it was a necklace that said “i will always love you love from niall”   it was so cute I started to cry and said it was lovely. I went on my twitter and someone tweeted to me and the girls:

“I hate one directions girlfriend. When I find them they are gone!  They aren’t even pretty. Why would they got out with someone like them when there are a lot prettier and thinner girls out there?  Bella isn’t even pregnant she is just fat. Love you boys. HATE YOU GIRLS.”

I started to cry and niall took my phone and read it… “Princess ignore it. They are just jealous.”

“Yeah but they are true why have you chose me when there are prettier girls out they come on…!!!!”

“Princess your perfect why wouldn’t I go out with you.  Want to be with you forever. I want to get married and have children with you. Ignore them. Please princess.” He wiped away my tears and gave me a kiss.

All the girls were coming to my house today because the lads were going out. They all came and then there was a knock on the door and perrie answered it. She got hit on the head and fell to the floor a bunch of people came in and hit us all and knocked us out……

We all woke up in this huge place.

“Oh finally you wake up. I guess you saw my tweet then. Did you like it? Oh you fatty would you like me to get you thin again!”

“Leave her alone what do you want a medal because you can give hate. Oh wait a lot of other people do that too. I swear to god you touch or hurt any of us I will be after you for the rest of your life. Where are the others? Come on number one fan. You’re not a real fan because you wouldn’t be doing this then would you.”

“Oh pipe down Niall doesn’t love you have you seen yourself. Boys get rid of her. I will sort out fatty over here.” She shouted them over and the last thing I saw was a metal bar go across my head.

Nialls POV

I went home to find the door open blood all over the floor I shouted to see if anyone was home. I went outside to see if they were there. There was no sign of anybody. I rang the police

Police: hello how can I help?

Niall: can I report a kidnap my girlfriend and her 4 friends.

Police: Okay can I have your address and we will be there straight away

Niall: 25 lord street Brentwood

The police came. They looked at the house and found evidence where they were.

“Hey guys do you know who could have done this?” the police officer asked

“Well the girls got a tweet saying when they find them they are gone! Here name is Emily.”

“Well I might know where they are then.”

Bella’s P.O.V

“Right fatty lets sort you out. I think we shall beat her up from the left then.” She said starting to laugh. I cried for help. They finished beating me up and I text the lads because I didn’t know who would answer saying “HELP! I don’t know where we are. They have took Eleanor and Sophia and perrie somewhere. We need help ASAP!” she put her location on so they could find us

 All of a sudden I heard Chloe kicking off again.

“Alright love. You might as well finish me off then but guaranteed you won’t you are pathetic. If you want to kill me do it then love. You need to grow up ad sort your life out. No wonder why you have hide us show me the gi….”

She stopped I couldn’t hear her. Then my phone went off.

“We are on our way with the police just make sure your all okay love you. Your harry xx”

I heard someone run in “BELLA! Are you okay. Where are the others? You’re bleeding. The ambulance is coming.” (End of pov)

They found everyone except Chloe. Louis found Eleanor she has blood coming from everywhere “babe what did they do to you?”

“They just kept on stabbing me. I heard Chloe kicking off saying you might as well finish me off and something else then she went quiet. I don’t know where the others are!” she said crying

Liam fond Sophia crying in a corner say “Liam help me. I have been raped and I’m terrified they will come back”

“It is okay baby girl I’m here for you” they walked to were Louis, Harry, Bella and Eleanor was

Then came Zayn and Perrie. She just got a couple of bruises. Zayn hugged her and gave her a kiss and told her everything was going to okay. They all meet in the middle.

“Where is Niall and Chloe?” Zayn asked

“I don’t know. Chloe kicked off saying finish her off and she was in the middle of a sentence and then she went quiet she is in that room there.” Bella said weekly

Zayn’s POV

I saw Chloe knocked out her heart was beating weakly. Then saw niall fighting with loads of people I shouted Liam and Louis and harry they all came in and was fighting. The police barged in and told them all to get on the floor. A doctor came in and took Chloe. Niall was in the Ambulance with her and Bella and Eleanor, Harry and Louis went into another one. I took Sophia and Perrie and Liam to the hospital to get a check-up. When we got there I saw Niall stressed out and harry trying to calm him. (End of pov)

“Chloe she has got taken to surgery her heart stopped beating in the ambulance. What if she doesn’t make it? I will be alone once again and I love her” he started to cry and Sophia hugged him.

“How is Bell?” Louis asked

“I don’t know but I think we have lost the babies I hope not. What about Eleanor?”

“She has got a couple of stitches and that.” Louis replied.

Doctor: which one is Harry?

Harry: That is me is Isabella okay?

Doctor: I so sorry to tell you but one of the babies has died with the impact of the kicks and the other one is in serious aid I don’t know if it going to make it?

Harry: how are the others?

Doctor: Well Eleanor is going to have to stay in overnight because of stabbing and I’m not sure about Chloe she is still having her op.

Niall: will she make it alive?

Doctor: I think she will but I’m not 100% sure on her progress.

 The doctor left

“Niall she will be fine she is a fighter. I promise. I will buy coffee for everyone” Perrie said.

*1 hour and 30 minutes later*

 Chloe had come out of surgery and was in a coma

Doctor: Niall Chloe is breathing on her own and we have put her in a coma we are going to see if she can come out of it by herself and the if she hasn’t we are going to have to turn off her stuff and say she has died.

Niall: she can’t die she is too young.

 The doctor left and Niall went in to see her.

“Hey princess please don’t leave me. I don’t want to say goodbye to you yet. I want to marry you and be yours forever please don’t leave me. Please” he then started to cry. Harry was going to come in and then Zayn stopped him and told him that Niall needed space with Chloe.

Harry went to see Bella.

Niall lay next to Chloe always holding her hand.

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