Better Than Words

this story is a about two girls who go to a concert and get to meet one direction they go on date and something tradgic happens to chloes mum and dad....
Chloe 19 and bella 19 both go out with some one from one direction but which one will i be????


16. starbucks

Chloe's pov

I woke up and Niall had already gone. He had to pick up Harry and Bella with little Mia. Harry and Niall then have to go to uncle Simons with the other boy about a interview or something like that. I started to get ready when my phone rang I didn't even bother looking at the caller ID

"Hello" I said sounding tired.

" hey princess you sound tired" it was Niall I didn't even realise.

" hey ni are you meant to be driving?" I asked

" yes but it is called hand free. You are on load speaker"

" oh right how are you then nini" I asked getting ready at the same time

" I'm good but I wish I could see you" he was so cheesy in the morning

"Niall your so cheesy in the morning I had got to go now babe going to see Perrie and Sophia she if she is okay" I said

" okay bye babe"

I texted Sophia

"Hey Sophia coming to get you now are you ready Chloe xo"

" I'm ready waiting for you Sophia xox"

I picked up my keys and started the engine and drove off down the road I got to Sophia and she and Perrie where all ready waiting for me I beeped the horn and they walked to my car. They got in and off we went to Starbucks. I haven't talked to the girls in a while so it would be a good catch up.

~~~~~~skip the car journey~~~~~~~~

We got into Starbucks and I went to get the drink I just ordered 3 hot chocolates just the way the girls like them. I went back to the table and started to talk about everything Perries wedding and Sophia and Liam starting over again. After half an hour in Starbucks we decided to go shopping for new clothes

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