Better Than Words

this story is a about two girls who go to a concert and get to meet one direction they go on date and something tradgic happens to chloes mum and dad....
Chloe 19 and bella 19 both go out with some one from one direction but which one will i be????


6. mad uncle. 15/1/

It was Chloe’s birthday and niall made her a big breakfast. He went upstairs and woke her up “Happy Birthday princess. You need to come downstairs...”

Chloe came down stairs and went into the kitchen and found 2 massive piles of present one of niall and then the other one is off the band and your family.

“Thanks baby… you better not has bought me all of this pile.”

She opened her presents and got:

Off niall

A silver necklace, DVDs, Clothes and lots more stuff of the others she got a mug off Liam and Sophia, money off harry, Bella, Louis, Eleanor and she got an outfit of perie and Zayn. She also got an American flag off her family back home.

She got changed then perrie knocked on the door and took Chloe out whilst niall sorted out a surprise party.

Chloe and perrie went to Starbucks and did a little bit of shopping. When they came back she shouted hello

“SURPRISE” everyone shouted.

“Omg Niall!” she shouted.

Chloe’s pov

Niall knows I hated parties for myself. I had a go at him but in a messing about way. It was mid-way through the party and there was a knock on the door it was my uncle mike.

“Happy birthday babe… You’re having a party without you uncle?”  He said very drunk. He was a drink addict.

“Hey uncle. Come in” I said

Niall came over “you alright princess?”

“Yeah I’m fine but just don’t leave me alone in a room with him please!”

 “Okay… hey I’m Niall Chloe’s boyfriend”

 Mike ignored him and went straight to the alcohol. He ruin the whole party and I told every to go because he was wasted.

Niall said bye to everyone and then came back in to find my uncle pressing up onto the wall trying to kiss me I shouted. He ran in and pulled him off me. He kicked him out the house. He came back in and gave me a hug and asked why I didn’t want to be in the same room as him.

“When was little he raped his daughter and use to try and get her to sleep with all my friends he tried it with me once and I told he to fuck off and get a grip. He soon stopped drinking and then my mum and dad died he changed back to what he used to be. I haven’t spoken to my cousin since.”

“Oh well I promise that I will never leave you by yourself” (end of pov)

*the next day

Bella came over to see me and niall.

“Hey bell what’s up?”

“Well chlo I’m pregnant but I don’t know how harry is going to react because I’m having twins! What should I do?”

“Tell him. When we are n tour he always says he wants to have children.” Niall buts in

“Thanks niall. I better go and tell him then see ya later Chloe” Bella say walking out

Chloe and niall sat down and watched movies and had a cuddle. When the doorbell went it was mike. He barged in and took Chloe upstairs.

He chucked her on the bed and lay on top of her and said “this is what you mum and dad did in this bed so I shall do it to you”

“I screamed “NIALL HELP ME” he ran up the stairs and chucked him off me kicked him out the house and ran up the stairs and hug me. He tried to comfort me and said “it is alright baby… no one will do that to you as long as I’m here with you… love you lots”

“Thanks babe love you too” she kissed me and we went to bed. 

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