Better Than Words

this story is a about two girls who go to a concert and get to meet one direction they go on date and something tradgic happens to chloes mum and dad....
Chloe 19 and bella 19 both go out with some one from one direction but which one will i be????


3. double date. 27/12


 The next day I got a text of niall it said:

“Hey princess you need to be read for 9:00 you’re going out beautiful xx”

 “Okay where are we going? Xx” I asked him.

“It is a surprise but all your aloud to know is that your mate Bella is coming with harry!”

It was 12:00. I didn’t know what I was going to wear. I looked in my cupboard and there was my skater skirt. I would usually wear my skater skirt with my one direction t-shirt but instead of looking like a crazy fan I put on my belly top.


It was 7:00

I started getting ready I curled my hair and put on my outfit on I did my make-up. I heard a knock on the door and my mum answered it

“Hello you must be Niall come on in. Chloe Niall is here come back before 2:00 in the morning I know what you are like.” She said laughing.

“Okay mum bye.” I replied “so can you tell me where we are going?”

“Look I told you it was a surprise. You have to trust me I’m sure you will like it” he said.

We pulled up at this posh restaurant. I look lovely but very expensive.

 Chloe’s P.O.V!

When we pulled up outside this amazing restraint I kept on telling niall that I was going to pay for my meal as it looked very expensive and I didn’t want him to pay for me. He keeps on saying it is fine I’m talking you out and I pay for all of the meals. When we got inside I saw Bella and harry already sitting down (end of Chloe’s pov)

The lady came over and asked us for our drink “can I have a Pepsi please” I asked Niall had the same and Bella and Harry had coke. She brought us our drink and we ordered the food niall had a cheese burger and I have pasta Bella had pizza and harry had a burger. 

Nialls Pov

When we got outside the restraint Chloe looked amazing. She saw the place we were going to and kept on saying in paying for my food of course I argued with her until she realised that she wasn’t paying. When we got in I sat down next to her and grabbed her hand to hold it she started to smile and then the woman asked us what we would like me and Chloe had Pepsi and belle and harry had coke. When she came back and we ordered the food that we wanted and I kept on whispering to Chloe “you look stunning I love you do you know that?”

 She would always whisper back I know I love you too. I didn’t know if I should ask her out as we went going out. (end of Nialls pov)

After the meal we went back to Nialls we watched movies. “Hey Chloe I really enjoyed today hope we can do it again”

“Okay... so what movie are we watching then? “Chloe asked

We all decided to watch paranormal. Bella and harry were cuddling and. I was hiding in Nialls arm when all the scary bits happened.

Chloe’s P.O.V

When the film had finished it was only me and niall who were up and I told him I had to go as it was mid-night he drove me home and we got outside my house and she came to kiss me. We had a long passionate kiss and I pulled away and he said “bye princess love you lots like jelly tots”

“Bye ni. Love you too text me when your home please.” I replied

I walked in the house and went into the front room because my mum had left on the light. I went to my room and I got changed into my pgs. Then my phone went off

“I’m home now safe and sound. Love you ni xx”

“Okay. Going to sleep now night. Love you too your princess xx”



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