Better Than Words

this story is a about two girls who go to a concert and get to meet one direction they go on date and something tradgic happens to chloes mum and dad....
Chloe 19 and bella 19 both go out with some one from one direction but which one will i be????


17. airport

Bella's pov(haven't done that in a while)

Me and Harry were on the plane waiting to get home Mia was sitting on Harry's knee playing with his hair. She was looking like Harry everyday. "Please can everyone be seated the plane is about to take off" the air hostess said.

The plane took off and Harry gave Mia to me. She started talking baby and then laughing.

After 30 minutes the plane landed and we got off I took the bags and Harry to Mia. We looked for Niall and we saw a sign with said"MIA AND THE OTHERS😆"

"There's Niall with that sign" Harry said laughing

We walked over to Niall and Harry went to get the bags

"How was your holiday?" Niall asked me

"It was great Mia kept on trying to run into the deep end of the pool. But it was amazing. How are you and Chloe?" I asked him

"Er we okay I guess. Just had a little falling out but we are fine know i think" he said Harry walked back and Mia tried to jump in Nialls arms to give him a hug.

"Hello Mia." Niall Said slowly.

"Goo" mia said in her baby voice

Harry pov

I went to get the bag when my ex taylor swift bumped in to me.

"Oh sorry." She looked up and saw me " oh hi Harry and who is beautiful girl?" Taylor asked

"Oh hi this is my daughter Mia. Right well I have to get going anyway Bella is waiting for me with Niall" I got the bags and walked off Mia was jumping in my arms to hug Niall. He was talking to her and I walked with the bags with Bella in my hand Niall had Mia. She was falling asleep in his arm how cute. We got in the car and I sat in the front with Niall and Bella sat with Mia. We got to the house and we got out. Bella took. Mia upstairs to her bedroom and then came back down. Me and Niall left to go to see Simon with the other and Mia just stayed at home with Mia.

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