Diana (One Direction Fanfiction)

Diana is my name. I'm depressed, I self-harm. When I finally have enough of life I try to commit suicide but I'm stopped by Zayn from One Direction.
I try and turn my life around, but fate somehow brings me to Zayn again. I become someone else and hide behind someone who seems happy. I can't be sad forever.

She changes her name and hides behind a smile. Will Diana slip through Leah, the happy girl she pretends to be, and let everyone know how sad she really is? Will people realise how broken Diana is? Will they find out what hurt her so badly that caused her to push everyone who cares about her away and lose her trust in everyone?

*Please give this story a chance!*


8. Chapter 7


Diana’s POV –


I lock my phone and climb out of bed. I look around and notice everyone is out of bed, except Zayn of course. Zayn is always the last person to get up.


I walk quietly towards the kitchen; surprisingly I don’t pass anyone on the way. They’re all probably in the lounge planning today, as today is our day off. It’s nice to have a day off, I sometimes spend the rare days off with Niall or Beth. Today, I have no idea what I plan to do.


I open up the first cupboard and see a box of cereal bars (which is what we live on while living on the bus), I grab two (don’t tell anyone, you didn’t see anything, or read anything) and walk to the lounge. Where, as predicted, everyone was sitting. Slipping one cereal bar into the front pocket of the hoodie I wear to bed, I tear open the other and bite a huge chunk out of it as I sit next to Harry.


“Morning,” The word barely understandable as Harry has his mouth full of cereal bar.


“Morning,” I reply after swallowing the food in my mouth. Unlike him, I have manners.


“Have a nice sleep?” He asks and I nod.

“You?” I return and he shrugs.


“It was okay, I guess. I just can’t wait to go back home.” He admits and I nod.


“Hopefully I have my own place when we get back.” I inform him and he nods.


“Where are you going to live?” He asks.


“London, hopefully, it depends on where my Dad can get a flat for me.” I tell him and he nods to show he’s listening. I finish eating the first cereal bar and scrunch the wrapper up. I throw it at the bin and it flies straight in. Bingo! I stick my hand in the front pocket of my hoodie and pull out the other cereal bar while at the same time giving Harry a wink.


He raises his eyes at me and I laugh, “You’re the one who eats all of the cereal bars!” He exclaims and scowls at me. “Niall’s jealous, y’know.” I throw my head back and laugh.


“Really?” I question and he nods. “I thought he would steal an extra bar, he is Niall after all.”


“I know,” Harry stands up, “I’m going to take a shower.” And with that he’s gone.


“Leah?” I snap my head back to the doorway to see Zayn standing there. “Can I have a word?” I felt my heart drop into my stomach. He found out that I am Diana. He probably hates me!

“S-sure,” I stutter and leave the room while shoving the last chunk of the cereal bar in my mouth. I scrunch up the wrapper and shove it into my pocket as I follow him. We come to a stop and he turns to face me.


“I heard your conversation with Niall last night.” Zayn says quickly. He avoids eye contact with me and chews on his bottom lip nervously.


“Okay,” I say, my voice shook and I curse under my breath for being so nervous. What did he hear?


“What happened in your previous relationship?” He asks, this time he looks me in the eye. My heart beat picks up and I start to panic. Shit! No, no, no. I’m not ready to tell him that yet! He’ll ask questions! Telling Niall was bad enough! Obviously sensing my panic, “You don’t have to tell me, it’s fine.”


I nod and run off before he sees the tears streaming down my face. I’m so weak! I had to find Niall.

“Leah! Wait!” Zayn calls after me and I don’t look back. I run into the kitchen where Niall was getting a drink out of the fridge.


“He- Leah? What’s up?” Niall gasps when he sees me and pulls me into his arms immediately. I cry into his chest as his fingers trace circles in my back.


“Z-Zayn h-heard our c-conversation last n-night,” I choke out through the tears.  


“Ah, that explains, and he wanted to know what happened in your last relationship?” Niall whispers and I nod in reply. “It’s fine, he was just curious. I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it.”


“Leah,” Zayn says. I immediately pull away from Niall and turn to face him as I wipe the tears away with the back of my hand.



Zayn’s POV –


Once again, I recognised her. She looks so similar to Diana. I thought. I must be seeing things, it can’t be her. It’s just she looks similar to Diana without make-up and tears running down her pink cheeks. It’s impossible though, her name is Leah. She wouldn’t lie to me, would she? I trusted her. I have to trust her.


“I’m sorry,” I apologise and she nods. I took note that she was extremely quiet.  “Can I take you out later?”

“If you want,” She mumbles and turns to face Niall. He gives her a small nod; he probably thought that I wouldn’t see him nod his head, as it was such a quick move. He gives her a small smile before squeezing past us and exiting the kitchen.


“Will you be ready to leave at six?” I ask her and she nods before leaving the room with a small ‘bye’. I couldn’t help but feel even worse that I had upset her. I didn’t mean to, I guess the curiosity just got the better of me.



Diana’s POV –


I couldn’t believe that Zayn asked me out. He doesn’t like you like that, silly, he just asked you out because he feels bad that he made you run away crying into Niall’s arms. I push that thought to the back of my head. I couldn’t think like that. I have to try and think positively otherwise I will never be happy. I can’t be sad forever.


I run straight to Beth. She has probably had much more experience with dates than I have. I have only had one boyfriend who never really took me on dates. He only took me to the cinema to watch the new James Bond film, which was awfully boring may I add.


I find her laying in her bed with a book hovering above her face. Hopeless was the title of the book. “Beth!” I say and she drops her book on her face.


“Oh, it’s you.” Beth says and closes her book once the bookmark holds her place.


I roll my eyes. “Zayn is taking me out later; I need you to help me.”


She sighs. “And you presume I have had tons of boyfriends?” She murmurs, hinting that I was calling her a slut, which of course wasn’t my intention.


“I just need help from a friend who is a girl.” I say and she nods.


“I was joking, Le, of course I will help. What time is he taking you out?” She asks.


“Six,” I reply and she nods.


“You have ages!” She rolls her blue eyes.


“Help me to get ready at four?” I ask and she nods.

“Fine, but you still have six hours until you get ready, so let me finish my book and you can go find Niall to chat to.” She moans before turning back to her book. I then leave her in peace to read her book.


I recognised the title of the book; I think Abbie mentioned it to me once or twice in a failed attempt to get me to read it.




“It’s a bit girly.” I comment when Beth chooses my outfit. It was a pair of black leggings, which were mine, and a long, light blue with white polka dots top which was strapless – which Beth is letting me borrow for tonight.  I was thankful that I own a strapless bra otherwise I do not know what I would do. To keep my arms warm, Beth has chosen my pale blue cardigan.


“I know; I’m hoping Zayn will like it. You’re a bit of a girly-girl anyway. You just won’t admit it.” She taunts and I sigh in defeat. She’s right; I am a girly-girl. I just don’t like admitting it. I roll my eyes.


“What am I going to wear on my feet?” I ask and Beth holds up a pair of my black ankle boots. I shake my head.


“Oh go on. You’ll look great!” Beth persuades me. I roll my eyes and nod.


“Fine, I’ll wear them.” I grumble.


“That’s the spirit!” Beth exclaims and claps her hands together. “Go get dressed then I can do your hair and make-up!”


A whole hour later, with no more than five minutes to spare, I am ready for my ‘date’ with Zayn. I have to admit, I look great. I give Beth a smile and a hug and thank her for her amazing talent with make-up and outfit choices. Without her here, I would have shown up in jeans, a t-shirt and my worn-out black Converses.



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