Diana (One Direction Fanfiction)

Diana is my name. I'm depressed, I self-harm. When I finally have enough of life I try to commit suicide but I'm stopped by Zayn from One Direction.
I try and turn my life around, but fate somehow brings me to Zayn again. I become someone else and hide behind someone who seems happy. I can't be sad forever.

She changes her name and hides behind a smile. Will Diana slip through Leah, the happy girl she pretends to be, and let everyone know how sad she really is? Will people realise how broken Diana is? Will they find out what hurt her so badly that caused her to push everyone who cares about her away and lose her trust in everyone?

*Please give this story a chance!*


7. Chapter 6

“I want you back.” Perrie tells Zayn. I couldn’t see the two talking because Zayn shut the door. Did they know that we could hear their conversation?

“I’m sorry, it’s too late.” Zayn says flatly and he opens the door and steps into the dressing room.


“What?!” Perrie screeches.


“I’m sorry.” Zayn says and shuts the door in her face. He turns to face us. “Sorry about that.”


“Are you sure you made the right choice? You were pretty upset when she left you.” Harry asks.


“She had four months.” Zayn murmurs and sits back on the sofa.


“True,” Harry mumbles and sighs in defeat. “Let’s go back to the bus.” We all nod and follow him out of the dressing rooms. It’s a shame that such a fun concert was followed by Zayn’s ex walking into the room which then led to the evening being ruined.


When we got back to the bus, I decide to make a cake, or cookies, I just need some time to myself. Cooking was the best way that I could think of.


I search through the cupboards in the small kitchen. When I say small, it really is small. I barely have enough room to spin around. After checking the last cupboard, it dawns on me that there is no way I can cook anything. There is absolutely nothing.


“Leah?” Someone says from behind me.  I spin around and face Jack. “Trying to cook something, are we?”


“Yeah, but there’s nothing to cook,” I sigh, “Why are you in the kitchen?”


“I wanted to find you, because I just wanted to talk.” Jack admits and I give him a small nod. He leans against one of  the counters and I do the same.


“What about?” I question him.


“I know you’re good friends with Beth and I thought you could help me out with something.”  He says while rocking back and forth on his heels like an impatient toddler.


“Okay,” I say and he gives me a small smile.


“I have fancied her since I was sixteen, we used to be neighbours and we were in a band together.” He confesses. I could feel my jaw drop and my eyes widen in shock. I was not expecting that.


“I think you should ask her out.” I blurt. “What could go wrong?” I had this gut feeling that they were perfect for each other.


“Thank you!” He says and pulls me into a hug before running off – probably to find Beth and ask her out. I smile to myself before exiting the kitchen and finding the others.





I couldn’t sleep. I had this feeling that Jack would get heart broken. I was stupid to give him advice. The only relationship I had left me broken, I can’t give people advice!


I sat in the lounge of the bus. Everyone was asleep. I wish I could just shut my eyes and go to sleep. I can’t though. I just want to go back to mine and Jack’s conversation and take back my words. What if Beth rejects him? Jack will hate me!


“Can’t sleep?” An Irish voice asks. My head snaps round to see Niall walking over to me. He sits down on the sofa next to me and puts his arm around my shoulders as a friendly gesture.


“Yeah,” I mumble and lean my head on his shoulder. I let out a long sigh.


“Same here,” Niall whispers. “Why can’t you sleep?”


“I gave Jack relationship advice. I’m just scared that it will go wrong and he will hate me. I shouldn’t give relationship advice, the only relationship I have been in left me like this.” I admit. I squeeze my eyes shut to trap the tears. I couldn’t let Niall see me cry over a silly thing.


“It’s fine, he won’t blame you.” Niall assures me. I open my eyes and pull back to look into his blue eyes.


“Are you sure?” I ask. He smiles, showing off his straight teeth, and nods. I smile back and place my head back on his shoulder. “So why can’t you sleep?”


“Just not tired, I guess.” He says.


“You can tell me anything, you know.” I say, knowing that Niall was hiding something.


“I know; I just keep worrying about silly things. I’m scared that all the fans will give so much hate to my girlfriend and she will end up leaving me.” Niall finally admits after a few minutes.


“If she really likes you she will stay.” I tell him. I let out a long yawn.


“I think you should go to bed, you look really tired.” Niall suggests and I nod.


I stand up. “Night, Niall.”


“Night, Le,” I smile when I hear the nickname Niall gave me. I leave the room and walk to the bunks; I get into mine and close the curtain, shutting me out from the world.


The following morning, I decide to check my Twitter. I deleted my old Twitter because I didn’t want to risk people seeing it. Especially Zayn. I have loads of followers, mainly because I am touring with One Direction and they’re probably hoping that I will get One Direction to follow them.

I then tap the button to write a new tweet.


@Amazing_Leah It’s too early :(


I have a weird Twitter name, but I didn’t like the username management gave me, so I changed it to @Amazing_Leah.



Zayn’s POV


I know eavesdropping is wrong, but I couldn’t help it. The bus was so quiet. I heard everything Niall and Leah said to each other. I felt really jealous, they sounded so close.


Leah sounded pretty sad though, she said the only relationship she had left her like how she is now. She seems fine though, like she is the happiest person alive. At first she seemed quite distant, but that was because she was shy and as soon as she got to know us she was a totally different person.


I had so many questions I wanted to ask. The only way to get the answers is if I confront her about it. I throw back the curtain and climb out of my bed. I just hope she is in the bus still and isn’t out with Niall or Beth.



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