Diana (One Direction Fanfiction)

Diana is my name. I'm depressed, I self-harm. When I finally have enough of life I try to commit suicide but I'm stopped by Zayn from One Direction.
I try and turn my life around, but fate somehow brings me to Zayn again. I become someone else and hide behind someone who seems happy. I can't be sad forever.

She changes her name and hides behind a smile. Will Diana slip through Leah, the happy girl she pretends to be, and let everyone know how sad she really is? Will people realise how broken Diana is? Will they find out what hurt her so badly that caused her to push everyone who cares about her away and lose her trust in everyone?

*Please give this story a chance!*


6. Chapter 5

I had completely blonde hair and a full fringe.


“It looks really nice,” Beth compliments me and I smile at her.


“Thank you. I wonder what the boys will say; do you think they will like it?” I ask her, while at the same time tugging down my sleeves.


 I couldn’t help but feel out of place wearing a long-sleeved jumper here. Everyone was wearing t-shirts or tank-tops. I had to hide the scars on my wrist that were healing. I couldn’t show the world my scars. What happens if paparazzi recognise me as being part of One Direction’s band? They’ll beat me up with harsh words and God knows what else! The safest thing to do is cover up my wrists completely.


“Yes, of course they will! You might even meet a boy here, too!” Beth exclaims and claps her hands before walking off. I follow behind her. She was so bubbly. When I first met her I thought she was a tomboy. Turns out she’s really girly. Proves that you shouldn’t judge people too quickly, people have lots of surprises.


“I think I’ll just stay single.” I murmur. Beth glances at me and  raises her eyebrows before walking into a shop.




“Oh my God!” Louis exclaims when Beth and I walked into the flat. “What happened to your hair?”


“I dyed it. Duh” I say and roll my eyes. “It’s obvious, even you have dyed your hair!  

“It looks nice,” He compliments and smiles at me while rolling his eyes, I give him a small smile in return.

“Thanks,” I murmur.


“Told you,” Beth whispers in my ear before running off somewhere. She always had so much energy, it was so surprising.


“I’m going to go and start to pack everything so I’m not rushing around before the concert.” I tell Louis and walk to the room we share. Tonight after the concert, we are then moving to stay on the tour bus. Luckily this tour bus is huge so we can all squeeze onto the one bus.


I grab my handbag and fill it with all my electronics and chargers. I did this first so there was a less chance of me forgetting something. I then grab my suitcase and shove all of my clothes inside as well as my toiletries and make-up.


The door opens and Zayn steps inside. “Do you need any help?” He offers and I shake my head.


“I have just finished, actually.” I say and he nods.


“Why the sudden change of hair colour?” He asks curiously.

“I needed a change, I guess.” I tell him and he nods. I sit down on my bed and he follows.


“It looks nice.” He compliments. “When we get back to the UK, can I take you out sometime?” He asks.


“I don’t think that would be possible, you live in London and I live in Maidstone. You will be driving for an hour.” I state.


“Oh right, why don’t you by a flat in London? Then you can be near us lot, and Beth.” He suggests. I shrug. “I can then take you out.”

“I don’t have a car either and I don’t get paid until the end of the month.” I shrug.


“Just consider it; you can always live with Beth until you get a flat. It will be easier to get back to the airport because we only get two weeks off and then we’re in Australia for two weeks.” He tells me.


“I’ll think about it,” I give in and Zayn smiles.




“I can buy you a flat so it’s ready for when you get home.” Dad offers. I sigh.


“Thanks, Dad, but I don’t see the point considering I won’t be home often.” I murmur into the phone.


“It will be good for you to have a place to yourself, you’re nineteen.” Dad says. I let out a small groan in annoyance.


“Fine, Dad. But I’m paying you back as soon as I get the money.” I tell him. “I need to go now, we’re about to leave for a concert, bye.” I hang up and shove my phone in my pocket. The first thing I will do when I get back to London is buy myself a decent car so I can drive myself around, I don’t want to have to rely on taxis.


“Leah! We’re leaving!” Harry shouts out and I grab my stuff. Beth enters the room and grabs her bags and follows me out of the room.


I was excited to stay on a tour bus. I get to see more of America, which is exciting. We have under two weeks left. In a way I was excited to get back home. I follow everyone onto the tour bus where we dump our bags and spend the next hour on it until we finally reach the place we’re performing at.


“So, are you moving to London?” Zayn asks me. I turn to face him.

“I guess. My dad is helping me get a flat so I have somewhere to go when we get back.” I tell him and a huge grin spreads on his face.

“Will you let me take you out?” He asks and I nod. He pulls me into a hug.  “I know exactly where I’m going to take you.”


“Where?” I ask and pull away. Zayn shakes his head with a playful grin on his face.

“It’s a surprise!” He says and runs off laughing. I don’t see why he ran off, there is nowhere to go on this bus.


“I hate surprises.” I mumble to myself.  


The next hour flew by, and we had finally arrived. We all left the bus and went straight to the dressing rooms where the boys would get their make-up and hair done first. Half an hour before the concert starts, Beth, Jack and I get our hair and make-up done. We always went last because it was more important to get the boys finished first. It didn’t matter if our hair was a mess or if we didn’t have any make-up on. No one really looked at us; they all kept their eyes locked on the boys. Who wouldn’t stare at One Direction though.


Thankfully, the boys weren’t late coming on stage. As usual, we start with Up All Night. As soon as the boys appeared on stage the room is immediately filled with screams. I have to admit that they are the loudest crowd yet, probably because there were so many fans here.


Each song flew by, at the end of each song we all grew more tired. Surprisingly, the fans were still able to scream loudly by the end. I am sure they will regret screaming so much tomorrow morning when they have sore throats and can’t talk.


I follow Beth and Jack off stage at the end where we meet the boys in the dressing room. I can’t wait to get back to the tour bus so I can fall asleep. We enter the room and sink into the squishy sofas that seem to want to swallow us whole if it was possible.


“Biggest crowd ever,” Beth complains. “They were so loud! I swear I could feel my ears bleed the whole time.”


“You should feel sorry for us, we had to run around! And we were closer to the crowd as well!” Louis retorts while at the same time shoving water on his head. He then shakes the water off his hair as if he was a dog. Annoyingly, his hair is still perfect. It shouldn’t be possible.


The door swings open and a blonde walks in. She had bright red lipstick on and I swear she was wearing more make-up than necessary. She was also wearing a black crop top with a gold peace sign in the middle and grey shorts that were so short they could pass as underwear. It makes me feel overdressed in my ripped jeans and tank top.


“Zayn, we need to talk.” She announces. The look on Zayn’s face shows that this isn’t good.


It then hit me. That is Zayn’s ex-girlfriend, Perrie.


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