Why me?

Alex is a 15 year old girl who gets bullied by 5 of the most popular boys in school. In her last year of school she changes her look and they start being nice to her... Do they want something from her or are they just being nice? She dont just have a hard time at school she has a really hard time at home she has to look after her little sister while her dad is at work and her step-mum is in bed or out. She also has to get money for her cousin to go to america to got her cancer treatment.... Will she figer it all out or will it just get worst? x


1. chapter 1


Alex Smith, brown long straight hair and blue eyes. 5ft 2inch tall.Crazy and dosnt really have the best life of a 15 year old girl. She spend most of her time in hospital visiting her little cousin who has cancer. Her mum died when she was little so she has been brought up with her dad and step-mum well kind of her dad.

Lily Dre, brown long curly hair and brown eyes. 5st tall. She is always with Alex they are like sisters. She comes from a great family and gets alot of things but she isnt stuck up. She does so much to help Alex and her cousin


I got woke up with the sound of my alarm clock going off. First day of the new school year finally in year 11. I really didnt want to get out of bed but today i got to see Lily after so long, she has been on holiday in America. Where as me i have been at home looking after my little sister Katie while my dad is at work and my step-mum is ever in bed or out with her friends.

I got out of bed and went for a shower. All i could think about is how Katie will be while im at school. Also i was thinking about how the 5 most popular boys in school will be with me, for the past 3 years they have bullied me. I really didnt need it on top of everthing. I got out the shower and put on my school uniform we are ment to wear a white shirt, black knee lengh skirt, black socks, black shoes, a tie and blazer. But me i make it my own. White shirt, short ish black skirt, black socks, black trainers, tie and any jumper i feel like wearing. This year its going to be a new me im not going to be the girl who gets on with my work who just lets people walk over them, and wears what they are ment to wear. I brushed my hair so it was straight and put on some make up.

I heard a noice in the backround calling my name. It sounded like my dad.

"One sec just getting all my school things together" I shouted back down. I got my school things well just my money pen and bag. I walked down stairs and got myself a drink before going to school.

"Alex do you want me to take you to school today?"

"Err yer ok" My dad is never like this.... something is going on.

After 20 minutes in the car with my dad talking about work we finally pull up at school.I took a deep breath in and walked in. Everyone was stairing at me. I just ignored everyone and walked to my locker. I took out my beats as i left them in my locker and plagged them into my phone. After about 5 minutes i got a text from Lily saying she is ill..... first day and i have to do it without my best friend.

The school bell went of and i want to my form room. I walked in and noticed i had mr Pidwell again.. I started walking to the back of the class when i heard someone call me name... I turned aroung and saw them.. the 5 boys...... Niall horan Zayn malik Liam payne Harry styles and Louis tomlinson.. the 5 most popular boys in school.

"You look different.. You dont look like a nerd anymore" Harry said walking closer to me. I just turned around and took my seat. They all sat down around me.. great a hole year sitting with theys boys. "But Alex its a good different you look better like that" He added on. Why was he being nice to me. This year might not be so bad.

Sorry i got rid of my other fanfic....but hears a new one :) x





Casey xx

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