Roses are Red (Zayn fanfic)

In this cruel, cruel world, money is all it's about. People who have money have power, and those who are poor will always submit to the rich.

Why am I not born wealthy? Why am I being looked down on? These questions runs through my head everyday, but I know the world isn't fair.

No matter where I go, there are always people that curse at me, people that wants to hurt me and actually do it. Bruises, cuts and blood is practically what I see everyday, and pain is no stranger to me.

The life of Lenz, a poor girl that is always looked down on, trampled on, and bullied. She have to take care of her mentally crazy father, who occasionally beats her up. Her mother died giving birth to her, and all her relatives refuse to lend a helping hand. She only have herself to depend on, and she is not giving up her cruel life. Yet.


2. Joking

Another familiar searing pain exploded through my abdomen as one of the bully's fist slammed into it. I couldn't move because Zayn Malik, the oh-so-popular-singer-that-can-kill-his-fangirls-with-a-wink is grabbing me behind by my arms. I held back a grunt as another punch landed on my face.

"Please, anywhere but my face." I begged, holding back my tears. "Don't hit my face, please." I told myself I have to be strong, I can't cry no matter what they do to me. But can I really do that? Am I really strong enough not to cry? I'd ask myself over and over and over again with these questions. I have to be strong for my dead mother, my mentally ill father, and for myself. But in the end, I'm just a weak girl that need someone to rely on. I yearned for a normal life, being surrounded by friends that actually cares about me, to be able to hangout with each other, and to be there for me when I'm in trouble. But I'm living the exact opposite of what I dream, I'm in a living hell. Pain, hurt, depression, I just don't know what to think anymore. Maybe if I just end my life, everything will be fine, right?

Zayn chuckled as he threw me onto the ground before slamming his leather boot on my thigh, right on the healing bruise, making my cried out in pain. I hate these kind of pain, it just hurts so much. Grabbing a hand full of my hair, he squad down and pulled my head near to his so that he could face me.

"The more you don't want it to happen, the more it will. I will make sure of that." He hissed into my ear before walking away from me with his crew. Laughing.

I lay at the spot, unable to move an inch. I chuckled, but the chuckle soon became laughter. I laughed, laughed at my pathetic self, laughed at my miserable self, laughed at my fucking damned life. I probably look like a maniac to those pass-by students, but who cares? Who would be stupid enough to lend a helping hand to a crazy bitch? No one. Slowly, the laughter became sobs. I can no longer stop those tears filled from flowing out of my eyes. How many years has it been since I last cry? Almost 10 years now. 10 years without shedding a tear, but today, I cried. I've been bullied all my life and never give in to my emotions, but today I cried.

I am lost. 


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