One Direction Imagines

This Movella is just composed of One Direction imagines. Comment on here if you would like one, just mention what your name is, who you would like it with and what occasion. Or if you would like to tweet me.. Twitter: @HaroldxStylesx or message me on Facebook: or so ENJOY! :)


10. Y/N and Harry Meeting Finally

            Harry stood there, absolutely beautiful. The moon was reflected against his milky white skin, and his eyes were brighter then Y/N had ever seen them. He was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a black peat coat and a red plaid scarf, along with those white converses he is always wearing.


            Y/N approached him, in her red skinny jeans and red and white tank top, with a red coat covering her body. She wore silver flats, and a red barrette. Her brown hair was tied back in a waterfall braid, and she ran into Harry’s arms as fast as she could.


            “I’ve missed you so much, beautiful,” Harry whispered in her ear. She smiled and started to tear up when he picked her up and spun her around.


            “Hazza stop!” she half heartedly protested. He set her down and kissed her under the stars, in the middle of the city of Paris.


            Y/N had been away from her boyfriend for six months when he was on tour in America. Now the world portion of the tour was starting, and although Harry was performing in England tomorrow, he came to visit his girlfriend. He had texted her about 20 minutes before, and he had said: In front of the Eiffel Tower in fifteen, xxx.


            She had been confused, but came here and now knew exactly why he had asked her to come. He grabbed her hand, and the couple started walking towards a river near the tower. It was close to midnight, so it was very dark out. She could barely see his face, but she had not forgotten one detail about his face. The dimples near his smile, and the way his eyes shine when he smiles, everything was so familiar.


            Soon they arrived by the river, and she noticed a picnic spread out around the grass.


            “Harry you shouldn’t have…” Y/N protested as he started sitting her down on his lap. He smiled and laughed at her.


            “I would have done it during the say, but you know how the fans are. They would have eaten us alive, so I thought maybe a picnic under the stars could be just as romantic,” Harry said in his sexy low, British accent. Y/N leaned forward and kissed him on his nose, and he smiled and then pecked her lips.


            Y/N opened the picnic basket, and saw a present inside. It was pink wrapping paper, and it was a small box shape, with a pink and silver bow on top. She looked up at Harry, who was looking at her expectantly, and then she looked back down at the present. She ripped the bow off and put it on Harry’s chest. He looked at her confused, but still smiling.


            “You’re the only present I need,” Y/N was going to peruse this idea, but Harry stopped her.


            “I got it for you from America, and I really hope you like it,” Harry said as he kissed her on the cheek again. She opened the box, and her breathe was taken away.


            It was an infinity necklace that had the word “Directioner” inscribed into it. She had seen the necklace thousands of times on Amazon, begging her mom for it, but this one was different. Around the infinity was not just “Directioner”, but it had there names. Harold Edward Styles and Y/N. It had both of their birth stones within it, and the word “Love” inscribed in it next to Directioner.


            “Harry, this is absolutely beautiful,” Y/N whispered.


            They started laying under the stars together, and pointing out constellations. More or less Y/N pointing out the constellations as Harry gazed at her face and played with her hair. He started tickling her eat at one point and she laughed and rolled over, almost falling into the river in the process. Harry caught her right before she fell, but then smiled mischievously and Y/N got nervous.


            “Harry, don’t you even think about it” Y/N dared him, completely serious.


            Harry just smiled, and started letting go and grabbing back onto her shoulder on and off a few times. Then suddenly Y/N smiled and pulled Harry with her into the river.


            Their heads soon both popped out of the water, and Harry fixed his hair and then grabbed Y/N around the waist, and pulled her under the water again.


            “I missed this so much Harry,” Y/N said as she played with his curls behind his head.


            He smiled at her. “You look more beautiful each time I see you. But can we never be far apart that long ever again? A kiss goodnight through the computer screen just isn’t the same as this,” Harry begged.


            Y/N felt some tears rick her eyes, and she kissed Harry’s cheek. “Promise we’ll never be that far apart again?” she asked as Harry picked her up, bridal style, and carried her back to the blanket.


            “Next time I go on tour, you’re going to come with me,” Harry stated.


            He set her down, and the couple grabbed each other’s hands, and looked up into the sky, Y/N falling asleep in Harry’s arms. 

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