One Direction Imagines

This Movella is just composed of One Direction imagines. Comment on here if you would like one, just mention what your name is, who you would like it with and what occasion. Or if you would like to tweet me.. Twitter: @HaroldxStylesx or message me on Facebook: or so ENJOY! :)


2. Y/N and Harry Ice Skating

     I wake up the next morning and I look out my window and it’s snowing. “Harry!” I scream, running to his room and jumping on him. “What love?” He asks and I bounce on him. “Come to the living room!” I scream in his ear and he groans and pushes me off of him and I yelp and land on the floor and jump up and he follows me to the living room. He exhales loudly and I look at him. “Can we go ice skating?!” I ask, grabbing his arm. “No, I don’t like the cold!” He says and I pout. “Haz!” I whine and he sighs and collapses on the little brown couch and lays his head back. “Harry!” I say and he groans and I grin. I run over and jump in his lap. “OOOOHHHH!” He yells and I burst out laughing. “Love!” He says and I smile. “That was my.” He says and I nod. “Take me ice skating!” I say crossing my arms and he rolls his eyes. “HARRY!” I whine and he laughs. “Fine!” He says and I smile. “Yay!” I cheer and he rolls his eyes and I hop up and he lies down and I poke him. “Not now.” He says and I sit down on his side and he groans. I turn on the TV and he just starts snoring again. I put my hand over his mouth so I can hear the TV. “Y/N,” he says and I look down at him. “What, I can’t hear the television because of your snoring!” I say and he rolls his eyes and he picks me up and sets me on his lap and he lays his head back against the wall behind the couch. I lay my head back on his shoulder and watch soccer.


     “Let’s go!” Harry says, grabbing his coat and he throws me mine. I put it on and we go outside. I almost fall but I grab onto Harry and he wraps his arms around me. We both end up slipping and he falls down beside me. “This is why I hate the cold.” He says and I laugh and shove snow in his face. “Y/N!” He shouts and I laugh and then I get a mouthful of snow. “Ewe!” I scream and he starts laughing. “Pay back!” He shouts and I laugh and I throw snow at him and it hits him on his back. He starts chasing me and tackles me and I giggle. “Let’s go!” I shout and he pulls me up and we get in his car and start driving to the rink.


     “Harry, do you know how to skate?” I ask, tying my skate. “Yes.” He says and I smile and I go out to the rink and start skating. “Come on Harry!” I shout and he waves his hand and ties his other skate and stands up and I laugh at how tall he is. He gets onto ice and his legs wiggle and he grabs the wall and I start giggling. “Why are you laughing?” He asks and I skate to him. “Come on Harry, I thought you could skate!!” I say, mocking his accent and he rolls his eyes. “I can.” He says and pushes himself off of the wall. I skate backward and he stares at me and follows me. He starts falling so I skate over and grab his hands. We start skating together and his legs start wiggling again and this time, he falls on me. “Ow.” I say and he smiles. I stare up at him because his face is so close to mine and he starts leaning down and down until… “Harry!” Someone shouts and he looks up and Liam is skating up. “Hey!” He says, helping Harry up and then me. “Hi Liam,” Harry says, tightlipped. “What’s going on? You can’t ice skate.” He says and Harry looks at me and I smirk. “Of course I can.” He says to Liam and Liam laughs. “I can, I know you can’t.” Liam says and Harry rolls his eyes. “Liam, will you please LEAVE.” Harry says and I giggle. “Oh, this is a date.” Liam says and I start blushing. “Yes it is.” Harry says and my eyes go wide. “Oh ok.” Liam says winking at me and then skates away and Harry turns to me. “Sorry.” He says and I shrug and grab his hands again and we start skating again. “Don’t fall this time.” I say, laughing and he rolls his eyes.


     He takes me out for dinner and we sit in the booth and get burger and fries and a milk shake. “Why didn’t we get two?” I ask and he laughs. “We can just share.” He says and I sigh. “Ok.” I say, giggling. Our order comes and there are two straws in the milk shake and the girl winks at us both. We start eating and I take a drink of the shake and so does Harry and we stare at each other. We finish our meals and then we just sit and talk. “You know how earlier, we were on the ground?” He asks shyly and I nod. “Yes?” I say and he giggles. “Um, I was trying to kiss you.” He says and I start blushing. “Really?” I ask and he nods. “I have liked you for a while and I just wanted to ask you out and I was going to, after I kissed you.” He says and I smile and we get up and I grab his arm and I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. “Yes, I will be your girlfriend.” I say, kissing him again.




This was for no one in particular. Credit goes to my best friend who made it for me. It was so good i decided to share it with you guys. :) ENJOY! If you would like one, comment your name, which boy and what occasion. If you don't put an occasion I'll be choosing one for you :)



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