One Direction Imagines

This Movella is just composed of One Direction imagines. Comment on here if you would like one, just mention what your name is, who you would like it with and what occasion. Or if you would like to tweet me.. Twitter: @HaroldxStylesx or message me on Facebook: or so ENJOY! :)


12. Tilde and Niall Proposal

            You were walking home when you got a phone call from Niall, your boyfriend.


            You know being a popular singer’s girlfriend is not easy. Often, you got hit with eggs and you had a fight with Niall recently because of this, because you can’t stand it anymore. He didn’t contact you for 3 days and now he’s telling you to meet him at the restaurant you two first met because he wanted to apologize and tell you some important things. So, you decided to go there and so you took a taxi.


            As you got into it, you noticed that the driver looked familiar. So you asked him- “Excuse me, have we met before?” He looked back and you realized that it was Harry Styles smiling at you.


            “Harry?! What are you doing here?”


            “My lovely lady, I am here to drive you to the restaurant where your prince charming is waiting- as requested,” Harry said as he smiled again.


            You knew it was Niall’s plan but you kept quiet because you were excited and wondering what Niall would tell you at the restaurant.


            15 minutes later, you got out of the taxi and turned around to thank Harry for the ride but he was already gone. Just then, you heard your favorite song, “What Makes You Beautiful” sang by a familiar voice. You turn around and you see Louis.


            “Louis?” you asked in surprise and he laughed.


            “Yes, my lovely lady. Your prince charming has requested me to sing this song for you” he said.


            You knew that Niall is telling you something big so he prepared surprises for you and you felt very excited. Louis told you to close your eyes for 5 seconds and open it again. As you did it and look around, Louis was gone.


            You began to look for Louis but Zayn held your hand suddenly and said “Come on; walk with me to the restaurant.”


            You followed him and then you saw Liam at the door of the restaurant. As Zayn saw him, he winked to him and whispered, “Farewell, my dear” to your ears and disappeared.


            Liam walked up to you and gave you a letter. “Open this, my dear. Your dreams will come true in a minute. Your prince charming is waiting for you inside,” he said, smiling and went away. You opened it very quickly and read. It said:


                        “My love, the time has come for you to know something very important, which I should have said a long time ago. Now it’s time. Come meet me inside.”

                                                                                    ~ Your Prince Charming



            You were so excited. So excited that you ran into the restaurant searching for Niall, but to find out that nobody was there. You were shocked. You didn’t know what to do. Just then, everything went dark. The lights were off and you were alone. But suddenly, someone hugged you. And the lights were on again. You found yourself looking at Niall.


            “Niall!” You were so happy to see him again. And it looked like he was too. Suddenly, the jazz music started.


            “Will you dang with me, my beautiful lady?” he asked you in a smile.


            “Of course” you answered and you smiled back.


            You starting dancing slowly on the floor with him. You suddenly remembered that he had something to say so you asked him. He stopped dancing and the music stopped too.


            “Actually, I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time,” he said.


            He slowly but surely knelt down on one knee right in front of you. He reached in his pocked inside his shirt and pulled out a white box with crystals on it.


            “My beautiful princess, will you marry me?”


            You were shocked. After all, those were the words you always wanted to hear. But you couldn’t speak because you were surprised and crying so you nodded yes.


            He jumped up and down when you agreed. Then, the four boys came out and congratulated you but calmed Niall down. That was the happiest moment that could ever happen to you. You sat down crying in happiness. Niall came to you and he was crying a little too. It was the first time for both of you to cry together in happiness. He gently grabbed your face in his hands and smashed his lips up against yours.

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