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14. Sydney and Liam Wedding

            Sydney and Liam had met when they were twenty. She was from a small town in Indiana and he was an international pop star. They were well opposites in most areas. Sydney had never had a boyfriend or anything and Liam had had his share of girlfriends. Sydney was a very shy girl when you first meet her but opened up once you get to know her and Liam was quite hyper, yet sensible and slowly revealed quiet, sensitive sides of himself once you got to know him. But when Sydney and Liam met, it was something like a fairy tale, love at first sight, for the first time in a long time. Liam had to actually gain the courage to ask a girl out, luckily, she said yes and they went out for dinner and a movie. The dinner was simple, a small family restaurant, where Liam and Sydney got to know each other better and have a few laughs, and then they went and saw a comedy movie that had Sydney snorting soda out of her nose, making Liam laugh even harder. It was an amazing night over all, and then Liam took Sydney home. He walked her up to her door step where they were faced with that almost awkward moment of silence before one says, “I had a good night,” and then Liam leaned forward slightly, his hand slowly creeping up to catch her waist and Sydney pulled away with a very red blush before Liam’s lips could even brush hers.


            “What’s wrong?” Liam asked, very worried. “Did I do something wrong? Should I have asked? I’m sorry,” Liam bubbled over with embarrassment. He thought himself an idiot and hoped dearly he hadn’t screwed this up because he really liked this girl.


            Sydney shook her head, still red. “Uh, no… Of course not! It’s just – um- well-“ she didn’t want to say it because she thought Liam might find it stupid and laugh in her face and leave (which she didn’t want), but she couldn’t just leave him without a reason.


            “Well, it’s sort of stupid” she mumbled. “But I sort of got this idea in my head when I was little that I would save my first kiss for my wedding day. I don’t know why, I thought it was romantic. I still do but you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s me and..” Sydney went on mumbling to her shoes.


            Liam took a finger under her chin and lifted her head so that her honey, brown eyes met his. “Hey” he spoke softly to hush her flustered mumbling. “ I think that’s a sweet idea, and I hope I can be that guy who gets to share that kiss with you.” he winked and Sydney turned red again. “ I did have a great night with you though and I do hope we can do it again soon. Can I- Can I kiss your cheek?” Sydney nodded and Liam pressed his full lips onto her cold cheek, a centimeter from her lips, and smiled at her when he pulled away, told her goodnight, and walked off, not looking back and Sydney was left staring after the boy who had just captured her heart.


            And that’s how it was for a year and a half: cheek kisses, nose kisses, chin kisses even. Liam spend a year and a half kissing Sydney nearly every where but the one place he so desperately wished to kiss her most, her lips. But as much as it was agonizing for him, it was also fun. He found some joy in never kissing her on her lips until her wedding day, perhaps he should say their wedding day. He could describe the pleasure he got from it really, he just did. It was hard sometimes with the fans, always wondering why they never appeared to kiss on camera or in public, never at all. They said their relationship wasn’t real and that it was all a publicity stunt. It got to the point where it would upset Sydney and Liam finally told everyone Sydney’s dream. And although everyone didn’t stop, most did, and they were happy again.


            Liam finally proposed to Sydney one random day in May. He kept trying to find some special way to propose to her like no other guy had proposed to a girl before, but after a month of trying to figure something out, he gave up and slid the ring onto her finger while she slept and sat in the kitchen sipping tea and reading a book until she woke up. It tool her a minute to find out she was wearing it. She made her sleepy way into the kitchen, she told Liam- who was beaming at her, amused that she hadn’t realized it yet- and she told him good morning and he told her back. Then she reached her left hand up to pull it through her hair, and felt her hair snag on something. She brought her hand in front of her face and stared at the ring on her ring finger. She slowly looked at Liam, the grin on her face growing ear to ear. Liam stood up quietly; happiness embodies within him, and got down on one knee in front of her in the middle of the kitchen. He took her left hand in his and kissed the back of her hand.


            “Sydney, will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Liam Payne?” he asked.


            She got down on her knees and hugged him tight around his neck, whispering, “yes, yes , yes, yes…” It took them both everything they had not to kiss each other right then and there.


            And now it was here, it is January and Liam and Sydney were finally getting married. They were both absolutely buzzing. They had decided to spend the week leading up to it apart to make everything more special. It was murder for them to be apart, they spend so much time together, but they made it with nothing but phone calls and texts and here they were at the moment everyone had been waiting for.


            Liam was in a pure black suit, with a bright white shirt, and a red rose in his pocket. He fumbled nervously with his thick tie, so much so that his best man, Niall, had to come do it up for him.


            “Don’t be nervous, mate, everything is going to go perfect. I’ll make sure of it,” Niall reassured him.


            “You can’t make sure I don’t screw up for her first kiss,” Liam muttered.


            Niall, done with the tie, placed his hands on Liam’s shoulders and looked Liam in the eyes. “Liam, it’s just a kiss. You’ve kissed a girl before; all you have to do is put your lips on hers and move them, alright?”


            Liam thought for a moment and then nodded, “Alright, you’re right. What am I thinking?”


            Niall shrugged, gave his best friend a hug, and then walked off.


            Sydney was done up quite elegantly. She was in a floor-length princess-type dress that made her feel like royalty. Her long brown locks were done up in a wide-bun with twirls of hair streaming down around her face, framing it perfectly. She had a small crown in her bun that held the light veil that covered her nervous face. She wore a mostly nature face, just a light layer of foundation, some lip gloss, and mascara. Sydney fiddled with her hands while her mother and bridesmaid inspected her, making sure she looked like perfection.


            Her mother stopped in front of her and took her hands so Sydney couldn’t destroy her done up nails, “alright sweetheart, don’t be nervous, Liam loves you, you love him, and this day is going to perfect. Nothing will be out of order.”


            Sydney bit her lip, “But Mom, what if he thinks I’m a bad kisser?”


            “Sydney, darling, it’s your first kiss, even if you are, he’ll understand. But I’m sure it’s going to be just fine. Okay?”


            Sydney, still unsure, nodded.


            Everything was set in order. Everyone was in their seats. The bridesmaids and groomsmen had taken their stroll down the aisle, then came the flower girl, Sydney’s sister, and the ring boy, Liam’s nephew, and now all they waited on was the bride and her father.


            Sydney and her father stood behind closed doors, waiting to walk down the aisle. She stood arm-in-arm with her father who she head sniffle beside her. She turned to him, “Daddy, don’t cry… You’ll make me cry…” Sydney could feel tears gather behind her eyes.


            Her father wiped the tears that threatened to spill over from the corners of his eyes. “I’m sorry, baby doll, I just don’t want my little girl to grow up,” he pulled Sydney into a hug. Sydney wrapped her arms around his shoulders, begging herself not to cry.


            The simple piano music started and Sydney’s father quickly composed himself. He smiled at his daughter and took her arm in his again. The large brown oak doors opened and Sydney’s father and her started down the aisle.


            Liam’s whole world lit up when Sydney stepped into the room. He tried to think of a moment when she looked more happy, more beautiful, and couldn’t come up with one. He could feel the lip-splitting grin spread across his face as Sydney walked into the room with her father. They couldn’t of walked slower thought and Liam just wanted to run down there and pull her up to the alter so he could marry her already.


            But Liam was patient and before he knew it, Sydney was in front of him, beaming so much it looked like it was painful. Liam tried to pay attention to the words the Priest was saying so that he knew when he was supposed to say words, but he just couldn’t get his focus off of Sydney’s glowing body.


            “Ahem…” the Priest cleared his throat. “Liam, do you take Sydney to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”


            Liam snapped out of his trance. “Oh yes, of course- Uh, I do” he blushed profusely. Everyone laughed.


            The Priest nodded, slightly annoyed. “And do you, Sydney,  take Liam to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, for better of worse, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”


            Sydney nodded, her now painful smile still painted on her face, “I do.” She said confidently.


            “Should anyone have any objections to this marriage, please speak now or forever hold your peace.” Everyone looked around and was silent for a moment.


            “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride.”


            Liam’s hands shook slightly as he brought one around her waist and pulled her veil up with the other, resting his hand under her ear. He pulled her forward and pressed his lips to hers. Sydney’s lips tasted like honeysuckle in the summertime and they were soft and plump. Just the feeling of her lips on his sent Liam into a completely different world full of fireworks and a tingly feeling in his stomach. Their lips moved together in a perfect sync and felt as though they were made for each other. Sydney’s experience was going just the same. She was glad she wanted to have this moment, with Liam, be her first kiss. It was the definition of perfection. She could feel the single layer of chap stick that Liam had laid on minutes before their ceremony and his lips felt full and defined: they were everything she could have imagined and more, so much more.


            Sydney tried not to lean forward to save this kiss as Liam slowly pulled away (not that he wanted to pull away either). The crowd of their friends and family erupted into cheers and claps and more tears as Liam and Sydney faced their crowd, grins plastered on everyone’s faces.


            “I love you” Liam whispered into Sydney’s ears as they made their way to their reception.


            Sydney leaned over and pressed a kiss onto Liam’s lips, “I love you more.” She smiled.

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