One Direction Imagines

This Movella is just composed of One Direction imagines. Comment on here if you would like one, just mention what your name is, who you would like it with and what occasion. Or if you would like to tweet me.. Twitter: @HaroldxStylesx or message me on Facebook: or so ENJOY! :)


1. Maggie and Louis Camping

     I woke up, the bright sun shining through the windows, making me squint my eyes. I looked around and next me was Louis, fast asleep. I smiled, realizing how cute he was when he was sleeping. He had a small smile upon his face, his eye brows slightly raised, his hair the perfect definition of a bed head. 


     I quietly slipped out of the bed, careful not to wake him up. I stepped out of the room and carried myself down the stairs, towards the kitchen. I walked in and grabbed the first two things I saw in the refrigerator, bacon and eggs. I cracked four eggs and watched them sizzle in the pan when the heat was turned on. Grabbing another pan out of the drawer, I did the same with the bacon. Just like Louis liked it, the eggs were scrambled with extra cheese. They were finished, so I shut off the heat and let them sit. Putting the bacon on a towel to get the grease off, arms snaked around my waist. 


     "Mmm, smells delicious babe" Louis voice lingers in my ear. 


     I smile uncontrollably at Louis deep morning voice, "Good, because I made it just for you and me."


     I turned around placing my hands around his neck, pulling his lips towards mine. I placed a sweet and gentle kiss on his cheek, leaving him to want more. 


     Walking towards the refrigerator, I asked, "Milk or orange juice?"


     "Orange juice" he says, grabbing two plates from the cabinet. 


     He fixed our plates, while I poured us orange juice. We both sat down at the table and dug into breakfast. 


     "What do you want to do today my love?" he asks, his mouth full of bacon.


     Taking a sip of my drink first, i reply, " How about we go camping? We both have nothing to do for the next couple of days."


     His mouth stops moving, his eyes look up into mine, but a smile spreads on his face. "You want to go camping?"


     "Yeah, sure, why not?"


     "We'll start packing after I finish eating, okay?" he asks.


     I nod in agreement and finish off what was left on my plate. As soon as i eat my last piece of bacon, I throw my plate and empty cup into the sink and rush off to fetch my backpack and duffel bag.


*1 hour later*


    After several fails we finally were able to put up the tent. Me and Louis stood back and looked at our masterpiece:


     "What shall we do now?" I ask, looking at the sun that's straight above us.


     He doesn't answer so I look at him. He threw his shirt off and sprinted towards the lake. I smiled and pulled off my shirt and shorts to reveal a pink and white bikini.


     "Wait for me!" I yelled, running after him.


     Louis jumps in but I stop at the edge. His head pops up out of the water and I see him flick his hair out of his eyes.


     "Are you gonna jump?" he asks.


     "I don't know" I tease him playfully, "I think it's too cold."


     "It's 95 degrees out here Maggie, just jump in. Or are you too scared" he smirked.


    As soon as he said that I jumped, landing right next to him. I popped up out of the water to see Louis right in front of me with a grim look on his face.


     "What?" i asked puzzled.


     He put both of his hands on each of my shoulders, slowly leaning in. His lips, centimeters away from mine, when he pushed with all his might. I went under water for about 5 seconds before he let me back up. I gasped for air since I wasn't able to catch it before.


     "Louis!" I screamed, opening my eyes to see him swimming away.


     I quickly caught up to him and jumped on his back, making us both go under the surface. We were under longer then 5 seconds, but he quickly pulled me back up. I opened my eyes and saw him just floating in front of me.


     "I've always wanted to do this" he says, grabbing my hands, "but keep your eyes open."


     He gently pulls me under and I keep my eyes open, even though the water is dirtier then a pool. I watch him move in towards me, realizing what we were about to do. It was on my bucket list, kiss under water. He moved quickly, putting his hand around my bare waist and pulling my body to his. He gently placed his lips on mine, slowly pushing his tongue past my lips. Just a few short seconds later, we were both out of breath so we stopped and swam towards the surface.


     We swam for just a little bit longer, and then got out because we were exhausted by all the swimming.


  *5 hours later*


    We had a barbecue, we built sandcastles on the beach, and we shared romantic moments just sitting there next to each other. But now, we had a blanket out on the sand and we were watching the orange, pink, and yellow sun set. My head lay on his chest, my hand moving across his stomach. His arm was around me, and his hand was rubbing circles in my back. 


     "Louis?" i ask




     "How does it feel to be loved? Because you know I love you right?" I ask him, sincerely.


     "Of course I know. It's magical. My heart flutters with butterflies every time you tell me you love me. It's almost as if I'm in a dream. Some times I can't believe that this lucky girl laying with me right now is actually mine. I'm grateful for everything I have and you are at the top of list."


     "You know, some times you are like a child, and run around all hyper which is what I love about you. But instances likes right now, your heart comes out and it's like your reading me a poem. You just spill all the soft and romantic things that you have to say, and that's the extra stuff in you that makes be happy that you're mine." I tell him, placing a quick kiss on his chest. 


     I look back up at him, and place another kiss just under his jawline, for that was as far as I could reach. I lay my head back down and watch the sun go under the lake, never to return until morning. I looked down and started drawing on Louis stomach with my fingers. I could feel him tensing up every few seconds, which meant it tickled. After a few seconds of us together, my eyes started to drift off. I realized my eyes were falling quickly opened them. I looked above me and saw that Louis' eyes were closed too. Once again, his lips formed into a small smile and his eye brows slightly raised. I smiled, leaned up and put a gentle kiss on his forehead. 


     "Goodnight my Boo Bear" I told him, laying back down on his stomach.


      Softly, under me, i felt his chest say something, "Goodnight my beautiful Mag."


     I smiled at the nickname he gave me, and drifted off to a deep sleep.




Hope you liked it Maggie! xx


Comment if you would like an imagine, your name, which boy, and occasion. If you don't comment an occasion, then I will pick one for you.







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