One Direction Imagines

This Movella is just composed of One Direction imagines. Comment on here if you would like one, just mention what your name is, who you would like it with and what occasion. Or if you would like to tweet me.. Twitter: @HaroldxStylesx or message me on Facebook: or so ENJOY! :)


3. Lechone and Louis' Anniversary

     “Happy anniversary” Louis said handing me presents.


     It was mine and Lou’s 3rd anniversary, celebrating 3 wonderful years together.


     “Aww, Boo Bear, thank you” I said, hugging him.


     I opened my presents from him, he really bought me way too much this year. He got me chocolates, teddies, jewelry, but one present really stood out. Lou had got me a red ball gown. It was absolutely stunning, and looked very expensive.


     “Louis, this is too much. I can’t take these” I exclaimed, looking into his bright eyes.


     “It’s fine, beautiful people deserve beautiful things” he replied, smiling.


     He was such a charmer. I was so lucky to have him, especially since millions of girls wanted him. I was very grateful.


     “I’m sorry, but I have to go. I have a photo shoot today, but we’ll do something special later on” he said, sadly.


     He kissed my forehead before leaving. I loved Louis and loved the fact that he was in one of the biggest bands in the world, but I always missed him, as he was always gone. I was a bit upset that I wasn’t able to spend our anniversary together. I tried to hold all my emotions in but I couldn’t. I sat in my room, crying, looking through all the pictures we had took together. Although they were tears, they were tears of joy. The joy I had got from dating Louis. He was my everything. I was still crying when I got a text from Louis saying:


     ‘Hey babe, make sure your wearing your new dress tonight. Be ready for 7. Happy anniversary babe xx’


     I was so excited, my day had been turned around! I checked my watch, it was already 5:30. Louis would be collecting me in about an hour and a half.


     I ran to the bathroom and quickly jumped in the shower. I didn’t take long so I was only in there for about 10 minutes. I quickly dried my hair and put it into a side braid, the way Louis liked it. I did my make up quite neutral as Louis didn’t like it when I wore tons of makeup. Now all I had to do was put on my dress and shoes. I put my dress on and looked in the mirror.


     Wow, Louis was right it was beautiful. I checked my phone to see that it was 6:55. I ran downstairs and slipped on my red stilettos. I grabbed my purse and sat on the couch waiting for Louis to appear in his Porsche. Instead, a black limousine showed up with my beautiful boyfriend Louis waiting inside.


     “Hey babe, your carriage awaits” he said with a big grin on his face.


     He took my arm and led me into a luxurious limousine.


     “You look gorgeous” he said looking into my eyes.


     “Thank you” I replied, “but where are we going?”


     “Ahh, well that’s the surprise” he smiled, putting a blindfold on my face.


     I sat in the car blindfolded for about 30 minutes. I could tell Louis had his arm around me. He kept kissing me on the forehead during the ride; it was adorable just like him. The car soon came to a stop.


     “We’re here but you have to keep your blindfold on” I heard Louis say as he held my arm and led me somewhere.


     Me and Louis sat hand in hand for about 10 minutes. What was going on and where were we?


     “Okay babe, you can take it off now!” Louis said. I took it off to reveal I was at the top of the London Eye, sat at a table for a romantic dinner for two.


     “Lou, this is amazing, you didn’t have to do all this” I said smiling.


     “Yes I did” he said with a big smile on his face.


     Louis let go of me and quickly and nervously got down on one knee. “Lechone, I love you with all my heart and I want you to be the new Mrs. Tomlinson. Will you marry me?” he asked with a big cheeky grin on his face.


     “I’d love to” I replied with tears in my eyes. “I love you so much Louis” I said with tears starting to well up in his eyes.


     I couldn’t believe I would become the new Mrs. Tomlinson. After the meal we got back into the limo. I decided to check my twitter only to see my mentions blowing up. I wondered what was going on. I scrolled through trying to find out what was going on. Then I saw it. Tears starting growing in your eyes as you saw what your new soon to be husband had tweeted:


     ‘Today was the day I asked Lechone to marry me. I love you babe! Can’t wait until the wedding! Love you forever and always.’


     I decided to tweet back saying:


     ‘Had a great day today! Love you Lou! Can’t wait ‘til we’re marriedxx’


     We arrived back home after the long ride home. Louis helped me out of the car and picked me up bridal style.


     “Soon I’ll be picking you up just like this to put you in our wedding car and we will be driving away to our honeymoon.”


     “It’ll be sooner then you think” I replied kissing him gently on the lips. 




Hope you liked it Lachone!! :) 



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