One Direction Imagines

This Movella is just composed of One Direction imagines. Comment on here if you would like one, just mention what your name is, who you would like it with and what occasion. Or if you would like to tweet me.. Twitter: @HaroldxStylesx or message me on Facebook: or so ENJOY! :)


7. Jennifer and Niall Romantic

            It was a warm summer night. Not too hot, but enough where you and your half naked boyfriend Niall, are only covered by one or two sheets in bed. You are dressed in shorts, a sports bra and a loose t-shirt. Sadly you can’t enjoy your sleep due to the fact that you are sick and just so drained and out of energy.


            You are sleeping on your side when you wake up to a tickling sensation in your side. Without opening your eyes, you recognize that it’s Niall’s hand resting on your bare skin, as his fingers caress the indent of your waist.


            “Niall… I’m sick” you breathe out.


            “I know prince, just try to relax and go back to sleep” Niall whispers in your ear, sending shivers along your spine.



            “Lay on your stomach princess” Niall whispers to you. You’re too weak to fight, so you lay on your stomach and nuzzle your face into your pillow. Suddenly, you feel Niall lifting the back of your shirt up all to way up to your bra. You feel the bed shift and realize that Niall is straddling you. You fell his large hands cover your back and start applying light pressure, trying not to hurt you.


            “Does this fell okay?” Niall whispers in your ear.


            “Mhmm” you groan in response into your pillow.


            “Good” he says with a giggle and you can pretty much hear the smile on his face.


            Right when you were about to fall asleep, your whole body was covered in goose bumps as you felt Niall’s lips running along the outline of your spine. Your nerves are set on fire as his lips travel all over your exposed skin.


            He pulls his lips away from you, puts your shirt back down and rolls  off of you. He turns you gently so you are on your side, wraps his arms around your waist and nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck and starts humming under his breath. He moves your hair out of the way and starts attacking your neck with kisses that makes your heart speed up. You turn your head to look at him but before you could say anything he lifts his upper body so it is hovering over you and crashes his lips into yours. You slide your hands weakly up his arms, over his muscular shoulders and wrap them as tight as you could around his neck, mending your lips together.


            You run your hands through his soft hair as he pulls away slowly, you both were breathing heavily. He lowers himself and gently kisses your forehead before he lays back onto the bed and pulls you close so you can snuggle up to him.


            “I love you so much” you finally say.


            “I love you too my princess, get some sleep sweetheart, you’ll feel better.”


            You nod your head and fall asleep in the arms of your beautiful blonde haired boy.

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