One Direction Imagines

This Movella is just composed of One Direction imagines. Comment on here if you would like one, just mention what your name is, who you would like it with and what occasion. Or if you would like to tweet me.. Twitter: @HaroldxStylesx or message me on Facebook: or so ENJOY! :)


9. Jade and Harry Hotel

     You were on vacation with your closest friend, Harry, in Florida. You had gotten there at three in the morning, and you arrived at your hotel at four. The sky was gloomy and dark, but you didn’t think much of it.

     “Welcome to Florida, looks pretty cheerful,” Harry stated, closing the blinds, knowing you had a fear of storms as it started to pour. You were putting your clothes away in the drawers, even though you were only staying a week. It’s what you had done since you were little. You wanted to pretend like you lived in the hotel, no matter how long you were staying. Harry plopped down on his bed and turned the television on. The news popped up as you finished putting everything away and shoved your suitcase under your bed.

     “Whoa… that’s a lot of… uh, I mean, that’s so minor… It probably won’t even hit us at all,” he lied, but you admired his efforts to help you feel safe, although you were feeling fairly uneasy.

     “Nice try, get some sleep,” you replied, giving him a smile before turning your back towards him and turning out the light beside you, the TV becoming muted.

     “I love you,” he spoke, loud gusts of wind occurring outside.

     “Love you, too,” you responded. Who couldn’t fall in love with Harry? He was charming, funny, adorable, sweet, caring, and the best friend ever. But that was the problem. He was your friend. A sudden roll of thunder forced you to jump, interrupting your thoughts, but Harry was already asleep. He could always sleep through thunderstorms. You wished you had that ability. You tried to focus on getting to fall asleep, but the thunder kept interrupting you. Louder with every bang. Scaring you even more each time the loud noise reoccurred. “Harry?” you asked, your voice shaky. No answer. “Harry?” you asked again, a little bit louder, but he still laid motionless. You quietly got out from under your covers and tip- toed over to his bed. You slipped under his covers and laid down next to him and took his arm, lifted it up, and placed it over you as subtly as you could in order not to wake him up.

     “Are you alright?” he asked groggily, and you wondered how he could sleep soundly through a thunderstorm, yet the slightest shift in his bed woke him up.


     “You’re scared,” he stated for you, knowing you all too well. You nodded shyly and he took your hand. You could barely see him smile considering it was nearly pitch black in the room.

     “Thanks,” you whispered as he scooted closer to you so that your arms were up against each others.

     “Anytime.” A huge roll of thunder occurred, rattling the room, making you startle severely. “Hey, it’s alright, it can’t hurt you, it’s just a sound,” he assured you, taking his hand from yours and wrapping it around your shoulders, placing his other hand on your arm, wrapping you up into a hug, giving you a quick squeeze. You breathed quickly onto his neck, his cheek pressed up against yours. His face was hot, helping you to get warm since you were always cold no matter what, unless you had his help to warm you up. “Do you need anything?” he asked tenderly, rubbing circles into your back. You shook your head, playing with his hair in order to distract yourself.

     “Would a distraction help?” he asked, knowing exactly what you needed as usual. You nodded, realizing how much the rest of you was shaking. He pulled away enough to look at you, the moonlight allowing you to see his expression. It was serious and concerned, like he was thinking hard about what he would say next.

     "I-” he started, but another booming roll of thunder interrupted him. You buried your face into his shoulder and held him tight, hating the ear- piercing noise.

     “It’s alright, it’s alright, shh,” he whispered into your ear, holding you close to him, resting one of his hands on the back of your head, stroking your hair. It was something he always knew would calm you down. “I love you,” you could have sworn you heard him say, but between the wind blowing and the heavy rain going on, you weren’t sure. He had said it so many times that you never really thought about the true meaning of the three words, but it sounded so much different that time. You lifted your head to look at him, his eyes no longer on you. They were faced downward, avoiding your glance. “I love you,” he repeated, looking back up. “I love you, love you.” Your lips unhinged as you realized what he was trying to say. Another boom came from outside, but it didn’t faze you at all.

     “You do?”

     “Are you kidding? How could I not?” he questioned, smiling widely, but his smile soon faded as he looked at you. He caressed your face with his large hand, his palm practically taking over your entire cheek. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, looking in your eyes, the lightening making the room go white for a split second.

     “I love you, too,” you barely got to say before he crashed his lips onto yours.


                                                *Next Morning*


     “Harry, wake up” you said poking his nose. He stirred in the bed and grunted.

     “I don’t wanna” he said half smiling but soon getting up to use the restroom. As soon as he shut the door you raised the sheets and pulled them over your head. You climbed all the way down to the bottom of the bed and curled up in a little ball, waiting for Harry to pull back the sheets. You turned your body to where you were facing the pillows and pulled the covers tightly around you.

     You heard the door open and Harry say, “Where oh where could she be.” You could hear the hint of sarcasm.

     “Is she under the bed? “ He flopped down onto the floor. “Is she on the bed? I don’t see her there either.” You heard him walk to the side of the bed.

     “But wait, is she in the bed? Let’s take a look.”Your heart was pounding, ready to grab him. He quickly pulled back the covers and you pulled his harm in so he fell under the covers with me. Right away he starts tickling me on my stomach. You were squealing with joy trying to fight him under the blankets. He stops and you open your eyes and he’s straddling me under the covers. His smile fades and his eyes fill with lust when he looks down at my lips. You tease him by leaning up slowly and wrapping your hands around his neck but leaving a simple peck on his cheek. Once you leave that on his cheek you try scrambling out of the bed but I fail. He grabs your waist and pulls you toward him. You giggle and he whispers in your ear, “Nobody gets away from me.”

     You turn around and look straight at him. He crawls on his hands and knees towards you and places a sweet kiss on your lips. He backs away with his eyes still closed but opens them seconds later, with an evil smile on his face.

     “What?” you ask.

     He gently pushes you back and your head hits the pillow and he crawls on top of you laughing while placing his luscious lips on mine. 




Hope you enjoyed it Jade!! Comment for an imagine saying what your name is, what boy and what occasion.. if you don't put an occasion i will be choosing one for you!! :D



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