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5. Gabby and Liam Break Up

     Text Message From Unknown Sender:


     "Liam is cheating on you, girl. You should know that. Break up with him! He never loved you! Wake up!"

     It was so very confusing who texted me something like this. And I don’t believe that easily because Liam is not that kind of guy. So I just ignore it then Liam came into my room. He gave me a warm smile then cuddle me next to him on my bed.

     "Tomorrow’s our 3rd Anniversary. Days are so fast", he said.

     "Yeah I know. I’m so excited for tomorrow"

     He turned to look at me and he closed his eyes. He slowly lean into me and kissed me passionately. It was so flawless and soft. He pulled away and his eyes are still close.

     "You’re so beautiful.. I love you", he whispered.

     I chuckled. “How did you know? You’re not even looking at me”, I bursted.

     "Do I have to look at you just to see it?", he said and then he opened his eyes.

     I put my head on his chest, feeling every beat of his heart. Its raining today and the sky is very gloomy and its cold. Liam keeps on caressing my back with his hand. We fell asleep.

     When I woke up, I saw him putting on his coat. “Liam..”, I mumbled.

     "Oh hey, sweetheart. I need to go. We have a rehearsal later. Is it okay?"

     I nod. “Of course, you can go.” He, then, cupped my face with his hands and kissed me quickly. “Bye, see you tomorrow. I love you”, he whispered.

     I grinned. “I love you too, bye”

     Its late at night and I can’t sleep. I checked my email and I was bombarded by pictures with Liam together with unknown girl.. He was carrying the girl through the house. I don’t know if I’ll believe in this but it really hurts me a lot. I never talked to anyone since I saw that.

     I put my dress on and put some mild make up. I stared at my reflection in the mirror then sigh. I should be happy this night because it was our 3rd anniversary, but seeing those pictures of Liam and the girl makes me upset. I heard the horn of Liam’s car honk. I walked through the house and before I hop in, he smacked a kiss on my lips. We drove to the restaurant where he settled our date. Liam jumped out the car and before even he can open the door for me, I already get out and walk continuously through the restaurant. He must have rented the whole restaurant and there is only one table set there. I sat on the chair and waited for Liam to come. “Happy 3rd Anniversary, Babe!”, he whooped.

     "Happy 3rd anniversary", I said slowly.

     "What’s wrong, babe?", he asked confusingly.

     "Nothing..", I said still not looking at him.

     "Tell me what’s wrong.."

     ”Who is that girl you carried on the picture?” I asked, then he looks to me.

     He was staring at me then looked away. “It was a hurt fan. Her feet are being stepped on so I carry her through their house. It was a fan, babe. You know how much I care for my fans”

     I don’t wanna spoil our night so I just let it go. “Okay. I’m sorry. I understand”, I said then smiled. He grinned and held my hand. “I love you. I promise, I’ll never leave you”, he whispered gently. I sigh in relief and grinned at him.

     "I love you too", I answered back.

     "So we’re okay now. Good", he settled.

     We actually having fun after that. I forgot what just makes me upset awhile ago. Suddenly, he put his arms around my waist and hugs me. I hug him back and it feels so good. He released me and crooked a smile. “Let me take you home. Its late”, he said. I nod.

     He dropped me by at the front of our house and kissed me goodnight. Atleast this night really makes me happy. He really proved me to me that he loves me. I just take a half bath then hopped on my bed to sleep.

     I woke up late so I really did a quick bath and breakfast then ran out through the school. My mind was totally blown up so I can’t focus on the lessons. I was daydreaming until the bell rang. Our professor dismissed the class. I walk out with my eyes only looking down my feet. I feel so gloomy today and I don’t know why. I was continuously walking until I bumped in to some hard chest. I looked up and its Liam with a sadness in his eyes. I look at him in wonder. He grabbed my hand until we get into a place where there’s no people can hear us. “I need to tell you something, he began. I gulped in nervousness. “What is it?”

     He looked away. “We need to give some space for each other”

     "What do you mean?" I asked confusingly.

     "I need some time alone" he said slowly.

     "Just tell it to me straightly!"I shouted to him. A few people looked at us.

     "I need to broke up with you"

     I gasped in shock. It shattered my heart. But it made me even more furious. “I knew it, right? Is it because of the girl you’re carrying on the picture? Tell me!” I screeched to him. He didn’t respond and he’s still looking away.

     "No, you need to understand. But I can’t make you understand. Just give me some time" he simply said.

     "Okay then! Lets break up! Don’t ever show your face to me again!" I blurted to him then walk away. He grabbed my arm and I turned to glare at him but he caught my lips with his lips. It was a long deep kiss then finally he pulled away.

     "I’m sorry, I’m sorry Gabby", he whispered while the tears keep on streaming down his face. I sob and I can hardly breathe. He ran away and I fell into the grass. I cried on my knees feeling all the pain that kills me inside.


*After five years*


     I was shopping on a clothing store when someone tapped on me by my shoulder. I turned to look and it was Niall. “Hi Gabby! How are you?” he cheerfully greeted.

     "Niall! I miss you! Oh my god! Can’t believe I saw you today!" I whooped. He laughed. "Me either. We’re back!" he said. "How’s life, then?" I asked.

     "Well feeling good. Zayn, Louis and Harry are back at the hotel and I’m with Liam today", he said.

     I looked down at my feet as soon as I heard his name. “Oh, I’m sorry. I just-“

     "Its okay, its okay. How’s Liam?" I blurted to him.

     "He’s fine. Doing some stuff and been very busy", he answered.

     "Does he already had a girlfriend?" I accidentally asked. I feel like I want to slap my own face.

     "He’s already married, don’t you know? They just married last year. I thought you knew about that", he answered.

     Oh my god. I wanted to cry right now. I know five years have passed by but I still love him. I really do. This feeling never changed since he left.

     "Oh, is that the reason why he broke up with me?" I asked. I know it may be very awkward or embarrassing to ask but I’ll give it a shot.

     "What? No! The truth is, he broke up with you because someone black mailed him. The girl said she will do anything to give to the people some bad image of you and she said she texted you before. Liam didn’t want that to happen so he broke up with you. But his plan was to go back to you if he got rid of the girl. Problem is, you already abandoned him", he explained. I gasped. No, it was my stupidity that ruined it all.

     "Liam loves you so much that he sacrificed everything for you. He spent the 2 years crying and dying because the both of you end up together like that. After that, he met a girl and planned to marry her just to forget everything about you. Believe me, he really did love you", Niall added.

     It makes me even more hurt. It was the biggest regret in my life. I want to run right now and talk to him and kiss him but I can’t. He’s already married now and I don’t wanna screw their relationship up. I cried in front of Niall and he hugged me. “Its okay, its okay”, Niall whispered.

     I remember that day, he gave me his last kiss. I can still remember that day, when he sacrificed our relationship just to make me safe. It was all because he loved me. And I just threw all that away. While I was crying, I noticed Liam was staring at us from behind. I run up to him and jump on him and hug him.


     “Liam! I’ve missed you so much. I can’t stop thinking about that day that you gave me that last and final kiss. I still have that tingly feeling on my lips. Please, please I miss you.” I backed up and looked up at him. He didn’t show any facial expression at all. “I’m married.” “I know, I know” I tell him, “I understand.” I started to back up and walk away. I walked past Niall and felt a hand on my wrist. I twisted around quickly. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” I smile, and he pulls me in for a kiss, taking off his ring and throwing it. 

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