One Direction Imagines

This Movella is just composed of One Direction imagines. Comment on here if you would like one, just mention what your name is, who you would like it with and what occasion. Or if you would like to tweet me.. Twitter: @HaroldxStylesx or message me on Facebook: or so ENJOY! :)


13. Dana and Louis Bowling

            You are sitting in a chair reading your book that you need to finish for school. It doesn’t need to be finished for a couple days, but you have been putting it of and really need to make sure that you buckle down and get it done. All of a sudden you feel two arms wrap around you from behind, signaling the arrival of the very person who has been distracting you from your book for a week. Louis starts to kiss the back of your neck. You close your eyes, enjoying the feel of his lips on your skin. Finally coming to your sense you pull away. You turn around in your chair so you can meet Louis’ blue eyes.


            “Not this time Lou, I really need to read this book” you say sternly.


            “But babe… you have all of tomorrow to finish that book” Louis argues with you.


            “Yes, and you will probably just try to distract me again tomorrow. You’re the reason my grades have dropped in all of my classes. Louis I love you, but if you don’t let me read this book I am going to have to take drastic action.”


            Louis gives you a very over-exaggerated pout and throws himself into the chair across from you. Satisfied you go back to reading your book but it is not long before you are forced to put it down and look up at your boyfriend.


            “Would you quit staring at me like that?” you ask him. Louis, who has been intently staring at you the whole time you were reading, gives an innocent shrug.


            “I’m not allowed to look at my beautiful girl?” he asks. You blush at his compliment, but refuse to back down.


            “I can’t focus on reading with you staring at me” you explain. Louis gives you a grin and responds.


            “Well if you are going to be boring and read all night then the least you can do is let me entertain myself by watching you. You are so stunning and it’s intriguing watching you absorb the book.” You take the pillow that is sitting next to you and throw it at Louis. It hits him squarely in the face and he gives you an incredulous look.


            “Louis Tomlinson, if you think compliments will get you to win this argument then you are wrong. How about you go get a book of your own to read?”


            Louis’ eyes search your face for a moment, and clearly deciding you are serious, he sighs and goes off to search for a book. You go back to reading your book. You read about a page when Louis comes back. He sinks into the same chair and opens his book, you ignore him and continue reading. Five minutes later you glance up and see Louis looking at you. He looks back down at his book when you catch his eye. Deciding not to comment on this you go back to reading your book. After a few more minutes you again feel his eyes on yours.


            A jolt of electricity goes through your body when you meet his eyes. Gone is all of the joking expressions from his face, instead is eyes are dark with desire. You continue to look at him, transfixed, unable to look away. Louis slowly gets up and starts to walk toward you. You put your book down next to you forgetting all about it. Louis kneels on the floor in front of you, setting your knees on either side of his body. His arms circle around to your lower back. You lean forward, placing your hands on either side of his face, continuing to keep eye contact with him. You continue to lean forward, inch by inch until your lips hover right above Louis’. Your breath mixes with his as you keep your lips just above his. Louis lets out a groan and pushes his mouth up to meet yours.


            Your lips connect with an intensity that threatens to overwhelm you. You and Louis kiss each other hungrily. The chemistry you have with each other is insane, every time he is near you in the room is ten times hotter. Without warning Louis pulls you out of your chair. You squeal as you land on top of him. He flips you over so your back is on the ground and he is braced above you. He dips his head and begins to kiss you again. You reach your hands up and tangle them in his silky hair. Louis moves his mouth down, trailing kisses down your neck and across your collarbone. He trails his way back up to your face. His lips connect with yours for one last, hot kiss. Then he kisses your forehead and rolls off of you. The two of you lay next to each other on the floor. Louis takes your hand and laces his fingers with yours. You sit up, keeping your hands joined and look down at him. Louis smiles at you, looking very pleased with himself. You can’t help but laugh.


            “I know I should be mad at you for distracting me yet again, but I just simply can’t be” you say still laughing. Louis’ grin widens.


            “Oh you know you can’t resist me” he teases. You stick your tongue out at him.


            “Well since you have made it clear that you are never going to let me finish my book, what would you like to do tonight?” you ask. Louis sits up, looking eagerly at you.


            “Well…” he says and you can tell he had an idea in mind when he first started distracting you. “The bowling alley is having a special tonight. If we bowl for one hour we get another one free!”


            “Louis!” you protest. “It’s 9 o’clock and I have school tomorrow.” You are fully prepared to tell him that there is no way you are going out, until you see the crestfallen look on his face. He looks so disappointed that you can’t bear to deny him. “But..” you say slowly, watching his face light up in anticipation. “But I suppose I can suffer through two days of school and catch up on my sleep over the weekend.”


            “You really are the best. I’ll o call the boys” Louis says, he kisses you on the cheek and stands up, he leans down and grabs your hand, pulling you up. You stand, looking deep into his gorgeous blue eyes.


            “I love you” Louis says spontaneously. It always gives you goose bumps to hear him say that. It doesn’t matter how many times you hear it, those three little words still impact you just as much today as they did the first time he said it.


            “I love you too Louis” you say back. Louis gives you one quick, sweet kiss then pulls away.


            “C’mon we got to get ready to go!” The two of you get your things and head out the door. Several moments later you arrive at the bowling alley. You and Louis are greeted by the four boys.


            The six of you spend the two hours laughing, and joking around. Harry leaves everyone in the dust with his bowling skills. You and Louis proudly get the two lowest scores, probably because you had a competition to see who could throw the ball in the most ridiculous way. Niall and Liam joined in on the competition, but Zayn and Harry stayed serious, and bowled the correct way every time. Louis won when he somersaulted and then pushed the ball down the lane with his feet. The most impressive part was that he managed to knock down 4 pins. At the end of the night your stomach and cheek were killing you from all that laughing. Louis always managed to get everyone laughing with his crazy antics.


            Although you knew you probably should go home and go to bed, you were having so much fun that you couldn’t bear to say goodbye to the boys. So after the two hours of bowling were up, all of you decided to go to a pizza shop to prolong the evening. You stayed there chatting until midnight, it turned out that Liam had read the book that you were supposed to read for class, so he explained it all to you, saving you the trouble of reading it.


            Finally, with a big sigh, you announce that it’s time to leave. The boys are disappointed, but they know not to push their luck. Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry get up to go hug you and Louis goodbye and the two of you leave. Louis holds your hand in the car as he drives home. When he gets there he turns off the car and turns in the seat so he can face you.


            “My love, thank you for coming tonight, it was really great to be able to spend time with you and the boys. Sorry for being an impossible boyfriend and distracting you from your work.” You laugh.


            “It’s okay Louis. I’m just going to have to remember to stay at the library when I have work to do. And besides I had a really great time tonight.”


            Louis releases your hand and moves his hand up to cup your face. His thumb rubs lightly across your cheek. He leans forward and gives you a tender and sweet kiss. You feel your stomach flip over at the love you feel in the kiss. You press your lips more fully against his, deepening the kiss. Louis responds to your intensity, kissing you harder back. The two of you finally break apart. Louis gets out of the car; he comes around to your side and opens the door for you. He takes your hand again, and the two of you walk toward the door. You lean your head against Louis’ shoulder. You feel so lucky to have a boyfriend as great as Louis. He makes you feel special, loved, and beautiful. He helps you forget all of your worries with his fun loving attitude. You couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend than Louis, and you are so glad that you have him in your life. You look up at Louis as he opens the door. He catches you look at him and raises his eyebrows as a way of asking what you are thinking.


            “I love you Lou” you simply say.


            “I love you too” he responds and pulls you into the house.

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