One Direction Imagines

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8. Alexis and Niall Camp

     “Hello mom!”


     You said greeting your mom as you came back from school. It was the last day of school. Finally, you were on vacation, a more than deserved vacation. No stupid teachers, homework or classmates. Just party all night long with friends. 


     “Hi Alexis, how was your last day of school?” your mom asked while she was finishing washing the dishes.


     “It was okay, but I’m glad that now I can lie on the couch all day and do completely nothing” you said happily as you sat on a chair in the kitchen.


     ”Well, actually it’s not totally like that.” She said sitting next to you.


     “What do you mean?” You asked confused.


     “Well me and dad have a surprise for you” she said and your face lightened up thinking about the surprise, hoping it was something you asked, like a new dress or they will let you go to Paris with your friends.


     “You’re going to a sport camp!” She said happily clapping her hand like a little kid.


     ”Wait what?” You asked shocked.


     Sport camp? REALLY?! A sport camp?


     "A sport camp!!” She repeated it again with the same enthusiasm.


     “Wow, It’s amazing” You said trying not to kill the atmosphere but a sport camp wasn’t actually a part of your plans for the summer.


     “Thank you, mom! I gotta go now, see ya later!” you said quickly and you went to your room.


     “Hey (Y/F/N), meet at Starbucks, in few minutes.” You texted your friend wanting to tell her the surprise your mom gave you. 

     “Alexis, what happened? I ran as fast as I could!”


     Once you and your friend met, she was really worried as you didn’t say anything.


     “I’m going to sport camp.”


     “Where?” She started laughing hard.


     “I don’t know where yet.” You said really not amused by the idea of a camp.


     “Well at least she tried. And besides, you can meet a lot of guys there” she said still laughing hard.


     “What do you mean by ‘guys’? The skinny glassed losers? No thanks, I’ll pass” you said trying not to laugh too, while your friend was just dying, she found it so hilarious.


     “You can tell your mom you don’t want to go there.” she said.


     “Yeah sure, so she’s gonna hate me forever!” you said as you knew how happy she was at the idea of a camp.


     “You should be my friend and not sit here and make fun of me. Help me in some way” You said.


     “Derek’s giving a party on Saturday. There’s gonna be a lot of hot guys. We go to the party, have fun, make out a bit and then you gonna go to your nerdy camp. That’s my plan.”


     You hung around for another hour, forgetting the camp but then you had to go back home. During the dinner your mom kept talking about what you should take with you, what you still have to buy, how you have to behave while your dad said “Just have fun kid!”


     “Mom, when do I leave for the camp?” You asked thinking about how much time you still have to have fun.


     “Oh, on Saturday.”


     “This Saturday?” you asked shocked.


     “Yes, honey.” She said sweetly.


      Days flew by quickly and it was already Saturday. You were packing the last things, your mom loaded the suitcase in the back of the car and you drove to the camp. 

      “Hellooo, you must be Alexis! I’m so pleased to meet you!” the instructor said.


     He was so hyperactive and awake. Actually it seemed like he was high, super high.

Oh boy, you thought as you saw the camp. It was divided into a boy part, they were wearing a blue shirts, and a girl part, in pink shirts.


     “Mom, can we please go home?…. Mom?” You asked but your mom went to talk to other moms that were there. She was just jumping of joy.


     “You lost?” A boy asked you.


     “Sorry?” You said turning around to face him and your jaw just dropped.


“I mean are you new here?” He asked again in a thick Irish accent.


     You were totally paralyzed, no sound escaped your mouth, you were probably even drooling as you saw him. He was a tall, blonde haired guy with blue ocean eyes, the most beautiful you’ve ever seen. You still didn’t say anything, you kept staring. How is it possible? What is a hot guy doing here?


     ”Oh Alexis, who’s your friend?” your mom asked approaching you and finally stopping that embarrassing behavior of yours.


     “This is-” you didn’t even know who he was.


     “I’m Niall, ma’am” Niall said smiling.


     “What a beautiful name!” You said not noticing you said it out loud. “Er.. Did I really say that out loud?” You said covering your face as your cheeks turned red of embarrassment.


     Niall laughed slightly.


     “Okay. I probably should leave now.” You mom said smiling widely. “Bye Alex, bye Niall!” She added before walking back to her car.


     You and Niall waved in response. Once she left, Niall turned his attention back to you. “So wanna see the campsite?” He asked shyly.


     “Yes sure.” You said not making much eye contact with him still embarrassed.


     After all the camp wasn’t that bad. There were dance lessons and music ones. You could learn how to play the guitar, and the best part Niall was a sort of assistant of the instructor, so you could spend time with him. He was so cute.


     “So, this is  your bungalow. Hope you have a great time here. ” he said as he walked you to your small “house”.


     “Oh I surely will!” You whispered so he couldn’t hear and you smiled at the ground.


     You stayed awkwardly silent for a minute but then you walked to the door of the bungalow.


     “Oh Alexis, tonight, there’s gonna be a campfire, you should come … I mean if you want to.. But it would be great if you come.. “He said shyly. “I’m talking too much…” He added running his hand through his hair and messing it up and his cheeks turned into a bright red. “I’d better go now..” He said waving.


     You were just smiling widely. “See you later!” You added before closing the door of the house. You jumped and screamed of happiness but then you thought of what you could wear for the night. “The camp doesn’t seem so bad.” You thought as you were making your make up and hair. 


     You went down to the river where the campfire was burning bright. There were already a lot of people, they were singing, roasting marshmallows and having fun and Niall was playing the guitar. You stayed listening to the music and his amazing voice, and then he noticed you and waved to come to sit with him. Everyone was having fun and getting to know each other better. You started to roast some marshmallows but Niall had some problems with that, his were all burnt. You took Niall’s burnt marshmallow throwing it away and gave him yours. He smiled widely thankful before eating it up quickly. 


     “Alexis, you’re shaking. Are you cold?” Niall asked before taking off his sweater and giving it to you. You were cold but didn’t realize you were shaking, so you gladly took Niall’s sweater and put it on. It was so soft and warm and you could smell his cologne.


     “Thank you” you said quietly giving his a small smile.


     You stayed there for awhile but it was getting really late so you all had to go to sleep.


     “It was really fun!” You said once you and Niall arrived to your small bungalow.


     “Yeah” he said facing the ground. You notice how Niall is such a sweet gentleman, really funny too. That’s what made you like him. Yes, first day at the camp already in love. You were totally falling for him more and more. His laugh, his hair, his eyes, his personality. It was complete.


     “I guess I should get going!” You said walking to the door.


     “Wait.” Niall said following you.


     “Yeah?” You asked surprised but happy that he stopped you before you could open the door.


     As you turned around to face him, your faces were really close. You looked into his beautiful ocean eyes, but instantly faced the ground biting your lip. Niall tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear, then rubbed your cheek with his face leaning in. He kissed you on the lips, but all you could do was scream on the inside. The kiss was so gentle and light, it almost seemed you were dreaming, but you weren’t.


     “Good night.” He said blushing as he pulled away.


     “Good night.” you smiled at him and got inside of your bungalow and jumped for joy.


       The sun was shining bright, the weather was just perfect for a swim at the lake but before you had a guitar lesson. You joyfully remembered that Niall would be there but actually you were nervous, you didn’t know how to behave now around him. He kissed you but you weren’t a couple, or you were? That was confusing. When you came into the class, he instantly noticed you smiling widely and gestured for you to sit next to him. You smiled back blushing a little bit and sat next to him while he showed you a few chords. He then moved behind you bringing his guitar on your lap, and he positioned your hands to play a few chords and helped you. It seemed like in the room it was just you and Niall. Everything and everybody disappeared. Niall helped you to play a few more chords, before you noticed he was playing a familiar tune. It was Little Things by One Direction. You started to sing along to the tune, while you let Niall take over playing the song. Everybody started staring at you two, but you didn’t care. You danced like weirdos, you enjoyed yourselves.


     “You have a beautiful voice, princess.” Niall complimented. You couldn’t believe, he called you princess. It was so nice to hear.


     “Thank you, you have lots of talent yourself” you replied smiling.


     The days were passing by at the camp, you never thought that you could have all this fun there. Maybe it was thanks to Niall. Everyday he planned something new for you two, he always brought you flowers, you even went boating on the lake, it wasn’t boating exactly, it was more going in circles.


     “Niall, I think we’re doing it wrong.” You said laughing hard as Niall, already frustrated, kept rowing in circles.


     “Don’t worry, princess. I got this” he said narrowing his eyebrows and trying to get concentrated.


     You were just admiring in amusement that he looked like a little kid. You loved the way his accent become thick when he gets frustrated, or the way he bites his lips when he concentrates. He’s just amazing.


     “Niall look at the beautiful sunset.” You said finally distracted from what he was doing.


     He pulled you in his lap, hugging you and kissing you on the head and you just rubbed his strong arms that were holding you tight.


     “I love you!” Niall said casually but it was the first time he said it.


     Those three magic words made your heart skip a beat.


     “I love you, too.”


     As you said that, Niall started smiling widely. You admired the sunset, enjoying beauty of the lake. Everything was perfect when you were with Niall. You felt loved and safe and nothing could ever change that.

     The summer was almost over. Tomorrow you were leaving the camp. Just one last night left, before going home. One last night with Niall.


     You found a note from Niall on your door: ”Meet me at the beach. xoxo.”


     You quickly dressed up and went to the beach. When you arrived it was dark and you saw candles in the distance. Once you reached Niall, you saw a picnic laid out, small candles surrounding you two and a guitar on one side. You cuddled up, talked and laughed, admiring the stars and stealing kisses.


     “I have a surprise for you!” He said taking the guitar. “I wrote a song for you.” He said starting to strum the first chords.


     You were in disbelief. How could you ever meet this amazing guy and you got this lucky to be his girlfriend.


     “Can’t believe you’re packin’ your bags. Tryin’ so hard not to cry. Had the best time and now it’s the worst time. But we have to say goodbye. Don’t promise that you’re gonna write. Don’t promise that you’ll call. Just promise that you won’t forget we had it all.
Cause you were mine for the Summer
Now we know it’s nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my summer love
You always will be my Summer love….” He was singing and you were astonished. Just paralyzed. Those words so deep, your eyes became watery.


     “Wish that we could be alone now. If we could find some place to hide. Make the last time just like the first time.
Push a button and rewind
Don’t say the word that’s on your lips
Don’t look at me that way
Just promise you’ll remember
When the sky is grey
Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know its nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my summer love
You always will be my Summer love
So please don’t make this any harder
We can’t take this any farther
And I know there’s nothin’ that I wanna change, change.
Cause you were mine for the Summer
Now we know its nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my summer love
You always will be my Summer love
You always will be my Summer love
You will always be my Summer love” he finished singing, putting the guitar a side.


     He hugged you tight putting his head on the croon of your neck and then whispering in your ear that he loves you. You stayed like this for a bit, as neither of you wanted to let go. As the song says “just push a button and rewind”, you didn’t want to finish this moment, just stay like this forever. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. The kiss was full of love and passion, as you pulled away you said:” I love you, too Niall. You’re my SUMMER LOVE!” You laid down on the blanket, resting your head on Niall’s chest while his hand was drawing small circles on your back.

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