Please Protect Me

My name is krista Bradshaw, kinda odd I know. I am 17 and live in London with my abusive stepdad James who murded my only relative left right in front of my eyes, my precious mother. But what do you think will happen when I creep out one night and what do you think happens when I accidentally fall for a certain gorgeous and Irish blonde.


13. shopping with Niall

*nialls pov*

"Come on krista, you've been in there for ages now!" I yell from outside the dressing room that keistas in. She's been in there for ages and won't come out.

"I won't do it!" She growls at me from the other side of the door.

"I'm not taking no for an answer now hurry up and get out here!" I slightly raise my voice.

Krista walks out wearing a beautiful striped summer dress that flowed down to her knees. She looked beautiful.

"So..what do you think?" She asks. I quickly reply "you look amazing". I notice her slightly blush before walking back in the change room.

*kristas pov*

Did he just say I looked amazing? No. I must be dreaming. I hope he didn't notice me blush.

I quickly get changed back into my plain light blue tee and jeans before walking back out to Niall. I take my purse from him and go over to the counter to buy the items I've selected.

Niall speaks up "are we done now, we've already been to about 5 different shops?"

I giggle and nod. Today had been amazing, Niall and I messed around at the food court and complimented me every time I showed him what I looked like in something new.

Niall and I get back to the boys house. It's empty, that's odd. The boys were here when we left. That's when I see the note on the table. "Dear krista and Niall, I've gone out with Liam and Louis, zayn, perrie and Eleanor are at Starbucks. Won't be home til later. Love, hazza"

I read the note out to Niall. He responds. "At least we get some alone time"

Uhm. Alone time?? What's that suppose to mean.

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