Please Protect Me

My name is krista Bradshaw, kinda odd I know. I am 17 and live in London with my abusive stepdad James who murded my only relative left right in front of my eyes, my precious mother. But what do you think will happen when I creep out one night and what do you think happens when I accidentally fall for a certain gorgeous and Irish blonde.


11. nandos

Slight chit chat amongst the boys was stopped when a cute waitress around my age came over to our table. "Are you ready to order"

Liam spoke up "we'll have 5 of the peri peri chicken dinners and..." He looked over at me. I understood and smiled "make that 6 please" I said and she walked off.

About 10 minutes later the meals came and were placed on the table "mm this looks good" I said looking at my food and then to the boys who were already eating.

"You look really pretty tonight" Niall whispered in my ear. I blush and he must've noticed because when I looked up at him he had a smirk on his face. I smiled while admiring his gorgeous blue eyes. I didn't want that moment to end, he looked into my eyes while I looked into his. It was perfect.

**sorry it's really short. Anyone who is reading this-I LOVE YOU!! Thank you to the people who have liked and favourited this. I'm planning on writing a second movella soon and if you want to be part of it just comment your name and appearance and anything u want to be included! Any parts are open except Liam's gf. I love you all!! **

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