Please Protect Me

My name is krista Bradshaw, kinda odd I know. I am 17 and live in London with my abusive stepdad James who murded my only relative left right in front of my eyes, my precious mother. But what do you think will happen when I creep out one night and what do you think happens when I accidentally fall for a certain gorgeous and Irish blonde.


16. harry

*harrys pov*

Krista looks amazing in the morning. She looks amazing all the time. I think she's with Niall but I'm not sure. She came out of nialls room before which I'm very furious about. "So. What are we doing today haz?" God her morning voice is sexy. "I'm not sure. But I know the boys and I keen on checking out the new restaurant for lunch"

"Sounds good"

*louis' pov*

I'm worried about krista. She looks fine laughing with the boys at lunch now but I know there's something wrong. I've asked a few times what she was doing at that park but she always changes the topic, I need to find out. I also need to find out why there are cuts all up her arms. I've talked to the boys about it a few times but no ones game enough to ask. I'm all for taking care of her but I need to find out what's up. I'm gonna ask her about it tonight.

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