Please Protect Me

My name is krista Bradshaw, kinda odd I know. I am 17 and live in London with my abusive stepdad James who murded my only relative left right in front of my eyes, my precious mother. But what do you think will happen when I creep out one night and what do you think happens when I accidentally fall for a certain gorgeous and Irish blonde.


10. getting ready

5:30pm came around and I had just got out of the shower. I wrapped my warm fuzzy towel around my and walked over to my closet which was actually elounors, Louis girlfriend. Louis said I could use some of her clothes until they take me shopping. I started to shuffle through the clothes when I found some cute dresses at the end, none of them looked right for me until I came across the last one. It was simple but cute, It was a high low dress with light purple down to about my belly button and then black material draped down to my my mid-thighs at the front and the back wet down to just past my knees. I slipped on some cute lilac flats and started on my hair and make up. I kept it natural, slight foundation and concealer, lip gloss and slight eye make up.

I walked down stairs to see the boys waiting for me in the living room. Niall was the first to speak "ok now that everyone's ready let's go!" Obviously he was hungry.

*at the restaurant*

We got out of the car and we walked inside, I got our table while the boys got photos with the couple of fans that we're waiting. The boys came over about 10 minutes later and sat down.

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