Please Protect Me

My name is krista Bradshaw, kinda odd I know. I am 17 and live in London with my abusive stepdad James who murded my only relative left right in front of my eyes, my precious mother. But what do you think will happen when I creep out one night and what do you think happens when I accidentally fall for a certain gorgeous and Irish blonde.


9. bonding with the boys

I snapped out of my day dreams when Louis sat me down at the table. I was sat between him and zayn but across from me was...Niall!! I gobbled up my food faster than all the boys. They just starred at me shocked "even Niall can't eat that fast" said the boy with curls, I think his name was harry. My stomach flipped at the mention of his name. The rest of the boys laughed at Harry's comment, I'm guessing Niall was a big eater.

The day had gone by so far, it was already 4 in the afternoon. I was pretty close with all of the boys but I was still alittle nervous around Niall. I've bonded with the boys a lot and they are so friendly and fun, I haven't laughed so much ever than I did today. I learnt a lot about the boys and I discovered that only harry and Niall were single. "So what's happening for dinner" Liam said while we were watching a movie together in the lounge room in the boys house. The boys looked at each other and then at me "what about we go out" I said as a suggestion. I jumped when Niall yelled "NANDOS" the other boys laughed but then agreed.

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