Revenge on Sister

I really don't understand. Why are you so perfect? You got popularity, boys, anything you want. But me? Too bad. I'm a loser. What I want will never be mine. But that's not the point. I mean, you're my sister. You took all my friends. You took all my chances. But That's ok. But what I really can't take is you stole my boyfriends, all of them. You know I like him, why do you have to take him away from me? Why are you such evil?
"Hazel answer me! Why do you always fight against me? Why do you have to date Zayn?"
"Because you are my sister," she smirked, "and I need to win you."


1. Warning

Author's Warning


    This is a real story that's all about how a poor girl took a revenge on her hateful sister. So, if you love your sister, stop reading from now on. I AM SERIOUS.


    But if you hate your sister too, that's wonderful. I know it's wrong to say that, but at least we have something in common. If you like this, comment and strike the like button.


    One last thing, no hate please.


Little Directioner

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