Revenge on Sister

I really don't understand. Why are you so perfect? You got popularity, boys, anything you want. But me? Too bad. I'm a loser. What I want will never be mine. But that's not the point. I mean, you're my sister. You took all my friends. You took all my chances. But That's ok. But what I really can't take is you stole my boyfriends, all of them. You know I like him, why do you have to take him away from me? Why are you such evil?
"Hazel answer me! Why do you always fight against me? Why do you have to date Zayn?"
"Because you are my sister," she smirked, "and I need to win you."


2. Prologue

Hilary's POV

    7 o'clock. Urg. I hate this time. My alarm started ringing nonstop and I was forced to wake up. I pushed away the blankets and got out of my warm, cozy bed. I went into the bathroom, and ripped myself naked. The cool breeze sent me shivers. I walked into the bath tub and turned on the hot water. Ah. That's life. I stood there and let the water hit every inch of my skin. I also brushed my teeth during the progress.

    When I was done bathing, I walked out of the bath tub and put on some clothes. I'm not the fashion queen so don't expect too much. Just shorts and t-shirt. I walked out and put on some light makeup. Eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. After all that preparation, I walked downstairs.

    "Hello sweetie. Did you have a good sleep?" asked Mom.

    "No, I didn't. I was disturbed by the sound downstairs," I complained while looking at Hazel. She rolled her eyes.

    Hazel is my younger sister. She is pretty, tall and slim. Her bright blue eyes glisten and her golden hair shines in the Sun. Her long eyelashes make her eyes even more big, and her lips are so perfect. Her legs are slim, and her waist is small. She has a lot of high heels and I don't think she can balance on them at all. She is perfect. She is a straight A student. When we were small, she could do anything better than me. She got loads of boyfriends and friends. (All sluts and whores) She gets what she wants.

    Hazel had a party with her friends in the living room last night. That's why I can't get a good sleep. The loud music just keep on banging my head. The kids were screaming like crazy and probably making out as I heard moaning sound.

    I yawned and sat down to eat my breakfast. Mom and Hazel were laughing ehile Hazel was telling her that 'how great is school' and 'how wonderful are her friends' and that kind of bullshit.

    My parents love Hazel. Much much more that me. They let her do anything she wants. That explains the party thing. They both think that she is so perfect and precious.

    I quickly finished my cereal and walked to school as I didn't want to be late. Hazel didn't have to worry about that. Her boyfriend was going to give her a ride. I mean one of them.

     I walked along the road. It's a sunny day. The sun was shining so proudly and brightly. It was still raining heavily last night.

    Just then, when I was about to cross the road, a car rushed by. It was Hazel's boyfriend, Harry Styles's car. When the red limo ran by, it splashed the dirty water all over me.

    I was all wet and dripping with dirty water! "Oops! Sorry!" Hazel stuck her head out and laughed.

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