Revenge on Sister

I really don't understand. Why are you so perfect? You got popularity, boys, anything you want. But me? Too bad. I'm a loser. What I want will never be mine. But that's not the point. I mean, you're my sister. You took all my friends. You took all my chances. But That's ok. But what I really can't take is you stole my boyfriends, all of them. You know I like him, why do you have to take him away from me? Why are you such evil?
"Hazel answer me! Why do you always fight against me? Why do you have to date Zayn?"
"Because you are my sister," she smirked, "and I need to win you."


4. Hi, My Name Is Zayn Malik

Hilary's POV

     I didn't want to start a fight so I did what she said. I took everything and walked over to that seat. But then some of those hot chicks stretched out her long leg and I was tripped over. The whole class started to laugh nonstop.

    Tears started to stream down my face. It was hot and wet. I quickly wiped it with my sleeve. I tried to get up, but I can't. My wounds were hurting terribly. Just then someone grabbed my hands and pulled me up. He held me to my seat. His hands were warm and soft. I looked into his eyes and muttered, "Thank you."

    I looked into his big brown eyes. There were so gentle and something  told me that I could trust him. I smiled to him," Thank you very much."

    "Oh yeah, you're welcome. Just now I saw kneeling on the floor and looking so helpless... Why didn't those people help you?"

    I looked at him curiosly. Everyone knows I'm the most unpopular girl in the whole Birchwood!

    "Oh, um, I'm new here. My name is Zayn. Zayn Malik." he introduced himself.

    "I'm Hilary Black." I told him.

    "What is the little group doing at the back there?" Miss Rosa asked, annoyed.

    We stopped our conversations and concentrated on our work.


    After the Maths lessons, It's time for Drama, my favourite subject. Although I'm not a hot chick, I'm still very into acting.

    I walked into the auditorium and got a seat. I'm very excited since this lesson is the audition for our next drama, Grease. The selected actors and actress will be competeing for the 'Drama and Art Festival', representing for the school.

    I squealed excitedly but quietly. But it totally killed the mood when I saw Hazel and Niall Horan, her second boyfriend, kissing and making out at the back of the hall. I covered my eyes and yelped in disgust.

    The teacher, Mrs. Timid, finally arrived. "Sorry I'm late," she apologized. "As you know today you will have the audition for our next drama, Grease. The selected actors and actresses will be competeing for the 'Drama and Art Festival', representing for the school." 

    I nodded in response.

    "First, we are going to have the audition for the character Sandy Olsson first. Anyone interested in this character?" Mrs. Timid asked.

    To my surprise, not many people were interested. But when I saw Hazel queing up in the line, I knew I'm hopeless.

    When It's my turn I took a deep breath and sing started to sing...


    When I finished, nobody clapped. Just silence.

    I was deeply disappointed. But then I heard something --


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