Revenge on Sister

I really don't understand. Why are you so perfect? You got popularity, boys, anything you want. But me? Too bad. I'm a loser. What I want will never be mine. But that's not the point. I mean, you're my sister. You took all my friends. You took all my chances. But That's ok. But what I really can't take is you stole my boyfriends, all of them. You know I like him, why do you have to take him away from me? Why are you such evil?
"Hazel answer me! Why do you always fight against me? Why do you have to date Zayn?"
"Because you are my sister," she smirked, "and I need to win you."


7. Applause

Hilary's POV

    It was the sound of... applause. The sound was strong, but lonely. I gazed at the crowd, and saw him there. Zayn Malik, was clapping for me.

    Suddenly, the whole hall were clapping for me. There were cheering and applausing. It felt so wonderful and amazing to see many people applausing, just for me. I used to be shy and timid, and it took me ages to lack up courage and confidence to join this audition. I was curious, why everybody started to clap for me suddenly? Maybe I really did amazed them. Or it's because of Zayn... but who cares? Just if I got the lead.

    I gave a bow and walked down the stage elegantly. Maybe I should thank him. I thought to myself. I walked towards Zayn flashed him a thankful smile. He winked back. God... if only he knows how cute himself is when he is winking and smiling.

    It was Hazel's turn. She maybe good at flirting and everything, but totally not singing. I've once heard her sing in the public, and many of the audience have to cover their ears in order not to get deaf. One word to describe: awful.

    She stepped on the stage, flipped her blonde hair, and started singing. As if I have said, she's awful. I have even saw a few kids exited the hall covering their ears. Well, I was not surprise.

    I looked at Zayn. He was covering his ears and frowning, but still so charming. Maybe I do have a crush on him. I'm confuse.

    By the time Hazel finished, everyone was relieved. Finally, it was the end of the bloody hell.

    Nobody clapped.


    Maybe she was angry, maybe she was embarrass. She muttered something (which I considered was a swearing word) and stomped off the stage.

    Soon it was the audition time for Danny. Boys were lining up for the role. There was Harry Styles (Hazels's boyfriend), Niall Horan (Hazel's boyfriend), Liam Payne (Hazel's boyfriend), Louis Tomlinson (football captain) and... Zayn.

    I wasn't paying attention when the others were auditioning until it was Zayn's turn. He voice is beautiful, like angels singing. It seemed like the melodious music was singing a duet with him.

    I clapped when he finished, and he gave me a cheerful smile and a wink. I felt like my ovary just exploded.

             *                     *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *      

    At the end of the lesson, Mrs. Timid annouced the roles, "The role Sally will be performed by..." I held my breath. 

    "Hilary Black."

     I got the lead!!!! Can't believe it!!!!

     "And Zayn Malik will be Danny."




So... how is it?

I'm thinking of maybe I should add a character to be Hilary's BFF, but I have some problems about the name.

So, everyone, here comes an contest!

Starting from this day, this minute and this second, just type #BFFwithHazel in the comments. After one week, who typed the most #BFFwithHazel will be the winner! Easy, right?

For winner, I will use her name as Hilary's BFF and also Louis's girlfriend.

Good luck!


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